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Here is my #MUMLIFE RAW tag originally created by Elise Sheree (link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pdde_&#8230😉


1. Describe your day as a mum today in one word.
2. What’s the most challenging part about connecting with other mums?
3. Share one horrible poo moment! We’ve all been there.
4. How do you cope with public child meltdowns and tantrums?
5. Honestly, how much screen time does your child have?
6. What’s your go to easy dinner that you give at least once a week?
7. Did you yell, cry or struggle today?
8. What was the best moment of your day so far as a mum?
9. What is your secret guilty pleasure to reward your mumlife?
10. How often do you experience mum guilt?
11. Share one taboo thing about motherhood you think should be talked about more!

I’ve tagged the lovely Sammy Bird but found out she’s already done the tag! Oops! But here’s the link to check her out 🙂

So I now tag anyone that hasn’t already done it. Let me know if you do it toooooo

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