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Holly filmed a “Day in the Life” vlog this week following an Instagram poll where she asked what you’d prefer to see.

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Hopefully you enjoy watching an average day in the life of The Tiny Mumma and baby Atlas – We’d love to hear your thoughts below.

Our days usually start with us all having breakfast together, before I have to go to work (Booo…) – So it was interesting for me to see how much fun they had too.

They visit Chickenshed first, for a baby sensory show called “Planet Play”. To find out more check this out:

Afterwards, Mummy does a bit of editing, some speed cleaning and then takes Atlas for a walk in the forest…

…almost exactly the same as my “Daddy’s Day In The Life”, ha ha… What do you think??? Check this out:

And all of this before bath and bedtime… Woah, what busy bee’s.

If you want to see the evening routine in more detail, Check out this vlog:

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