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1 week ago

Apologies a pretty rubbish vlog, but I didn’t want the footage to go to waste! Also apologies for the state of our house, we’ve got kids haha…

The Parent Pod – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5WgPMj3x_vqHCLijdS7akA
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Hey I’m Emily, mummy of two and blogger from Kent. I write and vlog about all things pregnancy, parenting and lifestyle alongside my husband Jack. We are a young family of four who love to document and share our lives.

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Where to find us:
MY BLOG: http://www.emilyandindiana.com/
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Find out more about us:
PREGNANCY #1 (INDIANA): http://bit.ly/2aOKU9U
INDIANA’S BIRTH: http://bit.ly/2aYIp8V
PREGNANCY #2 (PARKER): http://bit.ly/2aOLc0J
PARKER’S WATER BIRTH: http://bit.ly/2b2JnOr
OUR WEDDING: http://bit.ly/2blDIFb

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Josh Woodward, available at http://joshwoodward.com
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Emily, Jack, Indiana & Parker xxx

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Rebecca Hollick (Tutusandtea)   7 days ago
Ah good vlog, the kids room is huge! I'll check out the parent pod stuff xx
The Peachicks and Us   7 days ago
We gave up our bedroom so they could have the bigger room, lucky things haha! xx
Lou and Boo   7 days ago
can i ask what camera you use! I have just started vlogging and yours looks really lovely and clear! xxx
The Peachicks and Us   7 days ago
We film on a Canon G7X :) xx
Northants family   6 days ago
Saw the ELC Rose Cottage my 2 year old has that & he loves it! x
What Katie Did   5 days ago
In love with Indi's dressing gown!! 💖
Fur Mummy   7 days ago
Try crayola twistables much less chewing than with a standard crayon!
Lucy - Hello Beautiful Bear   6 days ago
Aw they play so well together, it's really sweet 🙂 Was lovely to meet you at the Tots event last month, hope to catch up with you soon (would be good if the whole PP could get together sometime!) Lily would love those stickers, I can't believe you get so many from Poundland I'll have to have a look I have a Peppa-addicted baby! 😂 Don't worry our playroom looks like that 24/7 haha! It is Lily's nap time now I should be doing housework/blogging/vlogging but oh well 😳 xx
DD Hay   7 days ago
Haha that was so funny with Parker....My son is a crayon eater too...well he eats everything he shouldn't! and throws everything too...must be boys. x
KrissyBeeTv   7 days ago
OMG just found you. NEW SUBBIE FROM JAMAICA GIRL. helloooooo. i started vlogging too. VLOGTOBER. cant wait to see more vids


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