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8 months ago

I’ve filmed a few moments from our day and mashed them all together to make this ‘day in the life’ from sitting down on the sofa trying to wake up and get my bum in gear to turning off Lily’s lamp when she goes down to sleep at 7pm (winner!)

Come along with us and see what makes up an ‘average’ Friday for us!

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BACKGROUND MUSIC – Francis Dunnery – Blinded By The Memory // Francis Dunnery – Sunshine

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Hello! I’m Lucy and I live in the North West of England with Michael, my partner of 8 years and Lily, our beautiful miracle baby.

This is our little corner of the internet where I share our stories as a virtual memory box for our daughter together with some personal me-related stuff, vlogs of our days out/gigs and anything else that takes my fancy as I go along! 😉

I’m more of a blogger than a vlogger but I’m giving this a go and I’d be REALLY grateful for your support, please do pop any tips or suggestions in the comments box including anything that you’d like to see me do/talk about etc.

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