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Welcome to part three of our Mums Mental Health Course; today Channel Mum’s psychologist-in-residence, Emma Kenny, discusses small changes you can make to your daily routine, which could help improve your mental wellbeing.

First, start by repeating the ‘mum mantra’ next time you’re having a bad day, ‘My best is absolutely good enough, there’s no such thing as a perfect mum, I am a good enough mum’, say it over and over again until you really believe it.

Emma’s recipe for a good day

  • Take three deep breathes when you wake up in the morning and say to yourself ‘today is going to be a good day’
  • Get out the house, go for a walk and listen to the sounds of nature
  • Start the day with a healthy breakfast
  • Smile more
  • Build a little bit of exercise into your routine
  • Start journaling

What is journaling?

Journaling is when you write down how you’re feeling and it’s been proven to have a whole host of psychological benefits. And it’s not just for the bad days, when you’re feeling rubbish, you can do it when you feel good, too. It’s a safe place for you to vent or celebrate. Why not give it a go today?

Ready for the next steps?

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