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My Child Free Weekend Away – Pt 2

2 weeks ago

Hello my lovelies! Here’s the second and final part to my child free, girly weekend away visiting my best friend! I honestly can’t express how amazing the weekend was with Abi. It was so nice to just chill & be stress free! I would definitely recommend! Anyway, I hope you enjoy it. Please like the video & subscribe to my channel to see more videos!

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Lots of love xox

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Miss CLX   2 week ago
Loved your outfit. Your right it's deffo one you can dress up or dress down with flats. You picked a great day to go out and about xx
Megan Harris   2 week ago
+Miss CLX thanks! I went and got it in black that day too! So comfy but still looks nice. Yeah was a gorgeous day. Thanks for watching xx
Emma-Louise Everest   2 week ago
Glad you had a good time away! Bet it was good to have some proper you time! Xx
Megan Harris


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