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My feelings on stopping breast feeding

1 week ago

Feeling pretty low this week…also I fell down the stairs today…enjoy 🙂

My name is Corrine, my husband’s name is Matt and together we have 2 beautiful children Harry and Charlie.
We were trying to conceive for 19 months and had 2 miscarriages before we got pregnant with Charlie.

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JK and Charlie   1 week ago
I stopped about 4 months ago and I still miss it! Good news is my boobs after looking dreadful look slightly better now - there's a glimmer of hope! X
Corrine & Matt   1 week ago
ah that's such good news charlie :) xxx
Karla ord   1 week ago
i know exacly were ur cuming from... its been 4month since i stopped and i had to delete all my bf groups on fb as it was upsetting me. i didnt think it would be this bad 🙁 xx
Corrine & Matt   1 week ago
Karla ord I had to delete them too I couldn't take it:( xxx
Kat Tolliday   1 week ago
You can always start a relactation process if you feel you made the wrong decision for you. It can always be common for baby's to start nursing for long periods agen wen you return to work as they've missed the closeness whilst your been at work xx
DD Hay   1 week ago
My toes literally curled listening to you say about breaking your back on the taps! Xx
Corrine & Matt   1 week ago
DD Hay it hurt soooo bad :'( xxx
Jade Elliott   1 week ago
when are ttcing again..? I loved watching your opks and pregnancy tests..xx
Corrine & Matt   1 week ago
ah thanku so much jade ! I am doing an update video to that real soon :) xzxz
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