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3 days ago

Apologies for last week, we have been co-sleeping for a while and it has kicked my ass and excuses, excuses, excuses…we are back!
Hope you are all OK?

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Ann O'Halloran   19 hour ago
Productive day not going to happen now I know about goats shouting like humans. Great vlog as ever Mrs B x
Isabel Brandon   1 days ago
There are no amazing pumpkin places near me :( we'll have to venture down to Brighton!
Stacey Leigh (mummyandthebubbas)   2 days ago
Where have you been!! Glad your back. Max's laugh 😍
Claire Miller (clairebellaloves)   2 days ago
Max has the cutest laugh! Lovely vlog, hope the nightmares stop soon xx
Rachel Brady (Well Worn Whisk)   2 days ago
Ahhh, his laugh at the goats!! Love it when a kid proper pisses themselves laughing. Cute. Lovely vid! X
Rachel Dodds   2 days ago
I used to make a special spray to get rid of bad things from nightmares. it was just water with a little lavender oil in but my girls liked to spray that around and it made them feel better
Natalie Birt   2 days ago
Yay so glad you are back! Really missed you and were worried you have gotten a bit bored of vlogging and were giving it up 😱 so super happy to see you two again 😀😀
JuicyLucyVlog   2 days ago
Glad to see you back :) Great vlog xx
sanjapanja   13 hour ago
I noticed. Good to see you again!
Lisa Dixon   1 days ago
Glad your back! It's all about perseverance and patience, getting your little one to stay in their bed. My firstborn was terrible, maybe being my first baby I made a rod for my own back, rocking and nursing her to sleep. She became dependant on someone being with her. Then I had my second when she was 3 and we stupidly introduced a tv to her room and animated movies 🙄 huge mistake! They didn't make her sleepy, they would wake her up. It was draining and exhausting but we persevered and every time she got out of bed we put her back. Eventually, things settled down. As much as we love them both huge amounts and it was at times upsetting, but rewarding, we would put our son in his crib/cot then bed awake and he did brilliantly. I work with 4-7yr olds and some of the things I hear on the school yard is heartbreaking - he says.... she says.... 😕 xxx Max's laugh is so infectious.
Natasha Bailie


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