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My Mental Health Story – World Mental Health Day #IAMWHOLE

2 weeks ago

Today is World mental health Day and i wanted to share my story
Along with channel mum I am supporting the campaign #IAMWHOLE
To help stop the stigma around mental health.
As part of world health day there are fundraising events happening all over called Tea & Talk – Head over to my blog to find out more!

Hi I’m Nina
Mummy to Boy / Girl Twins, Step Mum to a Teen, Wife to a Geek.
I love to craft and try new things but I’m no pinterest mum.

I Love spending time with my family and friends.

Here on my channel you will find Shopping Hauls, Day in the Life, Reviews, Crafternoon projects, and more.

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Nina x
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Ready For A Cuppa   2 week ago
What can you do today to help stop the stigma that surrounds mental health. My mum is so much better than she was and I need to thank her for her support since struggling with my mental health! Use the #IAMWHOLE !
Caroline (Mrs M)   7 days ago
I could see how hard this video was for you to film. Well done for doing it, you're awesome :)
Ready For A Cuppa   7 days ago
Caroline (Mrs M) Thank You. I'm surprised i didn't cry to be honest! :-)
2.2 Children And A Dog   2 week ago
You are not alone lovely. You are awesome for sharing this xx
Ready For A Cuppa   2 week ago
2.2 Children And A Dog I've been wanting to do it for a while but not had the courage. Xthankyou. X
Tabs   2 week ago
Your not alone 💕
Ready For A Cuppa   2 week ago
Tabs thank you. X
The PB Family   2 week ago
Thank you for sharing your story. Sometimes with mental health you feel so alone. It's good to know you're not. #iamwhole.
Ready For A Cuppa   2 week ago
The PB's thank you. Yes. It can be a very lonely place. X
Ready For A Cuppa


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