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2 weeks ago

Hey guys!

A while back I started looking into the everyday products I was using and the chemicals they could contain I decided to try and switch up my dental care routine and this is what has worked for me. I initially found it difficult to find a routine where I felt my teeth were being cleaned properly and wasn’t left with a weird taste I’m mouth!

As I’ve said I am not qualified to give advice on dental care etc this is just a video showing what I do and the products that I use… please always do your own research,speak to your doctor or dentist if you are unsure about changing your routine. I don’t usually do disclaimers but I just thought I would include one for this video as I don’t want it to come across as a advice video but more so a video to give those of you curious into changing your own routine an insight into what you could do instead :).

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jenisallwrite   2 week ago
I want to get more consistent with oil pulling, I really do... I just can't get past the consistency and the amount of time it requires to swish it around. How do you keep your mind off of this?
Lumdeedums   1 week ago
I've debated oil pulling before but it's the time! I don't fancy getting up half an hour early just to swish oil so I'd have to do it before bed as in the morning I need to be able to threaten the kids lives or they'd never get ready for school... Do you just watch YouTube videos to keep you sane in that 10-20 min swishing?
princess lala   2 week ago
I love that toothpaste! do you ever use activated charcoal? I use it once a month and find it makes my teeth look and feel incredibly clean.


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