Nicky Raby & Nancy Florence discuss (part one) Motherhood. Ambition. Career. Love. Family

Nicky Raby

2 months ago

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As promised, the video we recorded is now live… @nancyflorence.coaching and I discuss a range of topics – many of which I usually only mention in my live speaking events … not recorded for the INTERNET. All feels very fitting after the craziness of the media nonsense this week. I hope you find it positive, uplifting and motivational. Permission is a big topic in here… if you are hesitating because you don’t know if you are the kind of person to do something or now you are a mum perhaps you shouldn’t or *insert* another limiting belief of your choice (believe me, I’m not perfect and have many of my own!) think of what permission you need. If you need permission to take the first little baby step… a big old virtual hug is winging its way from me to you… enjoy. Plus please share if you know someone who needs to hear our message. Thank you thank you XX