October Weekly Vlog | 1

1 week ago

I am going to be filming the whole of October, here is week 1! Next weeks will be better 🙂

Hello, we are a young family from Essex, our days may be hectic and busy but we make it work and are very happy living our love-filled life! Im Tara and I’m engaged to Perry, we are due to be married in February 2017, together we have a 3 year old Daughter called Isla and a 1 year old Son called Archie who is our Rainbow baby.

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Contact me quickest by emailing: [email protected]

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Marianne M   1 week ago
Love watching your vlogs:) How old is Archie now? My son is 18 months old and I can relate to having those tough mom days!
Mums Space   7 days ago
Archie is 17 months old now :) Such a handful at this age aren't they lol x
HelenxBeauty   1 week ago
great vlog. your life seems just like mine. with isla don't worry too much. maybe cut out any drinks half an hour before bed, make sure she has a wee. my little one is four and I leave a potty in her room for emergency too. you can buy those sheets that you get in hospital after birth, bit like a big absorbant sheet, one of them under her sheet may help on the washing . sending hugs xx
Mums Space   7 days ago
I think I will start putting a potty in her room, I also noticed in Aldi last week they had some bed wetting absorbing throw away mats so I got some and hoping they will help. Fingers crossed she hasn't done it again since xx
Florence and grace   1 week ago
lovely to see you vlogging again have missed your vlogs lately
Mums Space   1 week ago
Aw thanks! Its good to be back :)
The Peachicks and Us   1 week ago
Such a busy week! We had a similar situation with Indie last month and it was awful. In the end we put the potty in her room next to her bed when we go to bed, and that seems to work. I think she was scared in the dark getting up and going to the toilet, so the potty has helped xxx
Mums Space   7 days ago
Yeah it must be scary for them to get up in the night. Im going to put the potty by her bed and I also got some bed wetting mats from Aldi so they should help with the washing! Thankfully she hasn't done it again since xxx
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