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Operation Day With Lucy | STORY TIME

3 weeks ago

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Bev Fletcha   2 days ago
bless her. How did they actually get it out. My middle boy broke/fractured his little finger at school about 3 yrs ago now. He ended up having an operation to minipulate it bk in place. I was pregnant with Jenson so wasnt allowed in the anesthetic room so hubby had to do which im kinda glad as i didnt want Max seeing me upset or anxious. It was horrible waiting for him to come out though. They had a man/clown non scary type lol come in he made things out of balloons for the kids to keep and made them all laugh. xx
MumLife   2 days ago
Thanks for the comment ahh it's a horrible experience for us mums and the dads isint it ! . X so they just used tweasers to get it out didn't take long at all x. What are these children like ! . X thank you for watching x x


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