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Our TTC Story & Staying Positive

1 week ago

Hey You!
This month, Channel Mum are covering National Fertility Awareness Week from the 31st October and from seeing it as a suggested video topic, I thought that I would be brave and delve in to the TTC community here on YouTube. It has been five months of trying, one miscarriage in the very early days and I have found myself finding comfort in the story of others. So, I wanted to share mine and be around the people who understand my frustration and the way that I am feeling. This wouldn’t be one of my videos if it wasn’t with a little positivity and so I wanted to share the thoughts and things that make me feel better when I realise that I have to wait another month. It felt nice just chatting, I feel much less alone now… I hope you do too?!

Like if you have liked this video, I hope that it helped. Leave a comment in the comments section so that we can get to know and support each other and of course, subscribe to see more from me and mine…and to share my journey with me x

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Along Came Jay   1 week ago
I know all too well the heartache of losing babies I feel you are such a lovely woman and hope that we both have the babies we would love to love! x
Along Came Jay   5 days ago
Ria Langner thank you Ria I needed to hear that again and I agree it's timing right now it's not meant to be but doesn't mean it won't happen. You have a beautiful positive energy and in my heart I too know things will work out. I'm actually looking at adoption websites this Sunday morning not something I've discussed with my husband yet but I want to find out a little bit about it. Xx
Ria Langner   5 days ago
I believe in my heart that it will happen for us both beautiful Bella, when the time is right x x x
More of Me   1 week ago
Really loved this video! My husband and I have just started trying for baby 2, we tried for my son for 6 months, took a break and then after another 3 months of trying finally fell pregnant! It's so hard not to get obsessed when it's all you want! It's nice to know that others understand the pressure and the feeling if guilt on yourself when each month it doesn't happen. I filmed about this last week and will continue to update monthly i think! Thanks for sharing xx
More of Me   4 days ago
Ria Langner absolutely it's hard not to lose your sanity but my husband always says things will work out in the end and I believe him as they usually do x
Ria Langner   5 days ago
Awww it's lovely that you guys are trying too. I'm so excited to follow your journey now. I know it can be so hard to not get crushed by the pressure... Lets try and keep each other positive and...erm...sane?! x x x
Sarah-Jayne Ljungstrom   7 days ago
Love this, great positive sentiments for anyone going through this. It's so tough, thinking of you xxxx
Ria Langner   5 days ago
Thank you lovely. It can be so hard so I try my best to always be a glass half full kinda gal x x x
Stacey Leigh (mummyandthebubbas)   1 week ago
Ria you beautiful women inside and out. I'm so sorry Hun sharing your journey will help others. Big hugs Hun xx
Ria Langner   5 days ago
Thank you my gorgeous cherub! I hope so x x x
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