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2 weeks ago

Is your little one still in nappies? Fancy getting rewarded for all those endless nappy changes? I know I do!! Well Channel Mum & Pampers have asked me to show you the exciting new rewards app – Pampers Club. Watch the video to see how many stars we gave it and pop across to http://www.channelmum.com/PampersClub to see reviews from Channel Mum vloggers Jess Avey and JK & Charlie too.
We’d love to know what you think of the Pampers Club app so leave a comment below and let us know.
To download the app, visit http://bit.ly/2cG0iv9
This video is sponsored by Pampers.

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Katie Ellison (mummydaddyme)   2 week ago
We are massive pampers fans here, my mum used them with me too. I've already downloaded the app and am enjoying seeing my points tot up! X
Lauren Hampshire: Chatty Mum   1 week ago
Katie Ellison I bought more pampers wipes today and was actually really excited to see how many points I got!! Yes I'm sad and yes I think I need to get out more!! But I do love getting a freebie so this app is great. X
JK and Charlie   2 week ago
Get spending those points! I'm saving up for Grazia mag subscription! X
Click it!   2 week ago
I love it! :) http://amzn.to/2duWe01
Katy Pullinger   2 week ago
Great vid Lauren, love the fact you can still get your points with the receipt. I have thrown away so many receipts after forgetting the points card and never remember to go back to get them out on!
Lauren Hampshire: Chatty Mum   2 week ago
Katy Pullinger I know me too - I always intend to go back to get the points but never do! So with this app at least I can just do it straight away in the car! X
Hey Mummy   2 week ago
We've always used Pampers, we've tried many types and brands over the years, even cloth and Pampers were the only ones that gave peace of mind and dry nights!
Lauren Hampshire: Chatty Mum   2 week ago
Hey Mummy we're big pampers fans in this house as I find them the best for all night dryness. Sienna never wakes in the night needing her nappy changed - she wakes for about a million other reasons but at least a leaky nappy isn't one of them!! Xx
Lauren Hampshire: Chatty Mum


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