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Pampers Club App Review with Channel Mum | Ad

2 weeks ago

Want to find out how to turn nappies into rewards?

Check out the exciting new rewards app from Pampers Club. Watch our vloggers JK & Charlie, Jess & Lauren testing it out and see how you can earn points and enjoy free gifts just for buying nappies.

Watch the video to see their highlights and then pop over to http://www.channelmum.com/PampersClub to see their reviews in full.

We’d love to know what you think of the Pampers Club app – and what you’d spend your points on – so do leave us a comment below and let us know.

To download the app, visit http://bit.ly/2cG0iv9 or search ‘Pampers Club’ in the App stores (available on iOS and Android).

This video is sponsored by Pampers.

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Nicola Johnston   2 week ago
I absolutely love the idea of this app! Who doesn't want rewarded for changing all those dirty nappies? 😜
Channel Mum   1 week ago
You said it Nicola!!
Lorraine Mulrooney   2 week ago
I love the app so clever xx
Rebecca Hollick (Tutusandtea)   2 week ago
I've been meaning to use it keep forgetting! X
Channel Mum   1 week ago
Let us know how you get on - we love it!
Lumdeedums   2 week ago
Great job as always girls!
Jessica Avey (Lilypod and Sweetpea)   2 week ago
Woohoo such a fab app and fun video to film 🙌🙌
Siobhan Freegard   2 week ago
Love Charlie O\'Brien getting her essentials: like nappies and eyeliner
umbumgo   2 week ago
How cool is that! Xx
Channel Mum   1 week ago
We're obsessed! Being rewarded for changing nappies is long overdue!
Dena H   2 week ago
Is it safe to be taking pictures of receipts with credit card names and numbers..?
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