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3 weeks ago

This week has been by far one of the toughest weeks we’ve ever been through! All your support has been so appreciated, so thank you! Hope you enjoy the first week of Lawson’s life!

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Mummy Mearns   2 week ago
What an emotional week for you Hun. Congratulations again on the birth of your wee boy💙 I remember after my first thinking how strange my belly felt! It really was like spongey jelly! X
Land of Lawson   3 days ago
Haha my belly still feels like jelly 4 weeks later!! Hoping this goes away soon?!! xx
Krystel Dimmeler   3 week ago
I just had my son early September! Lawson is soooooo handsome! Hope he gets better and you have a speedy recovery <3
More of Me   2 week ago
I just found your channel and watched back a few videos! What a first week you had, your little boy is utterly gorgeous 💙 hopefully your all enjoy your time at home now! Looking forward to more of your videos x
RaisingCaden   3 week ago
I love this video. Congratulations, your baby is precious 💗
Oh hello face   3 week ago
What a first week you had, well done for getting through it! The baby blues is horrid and could have only been made harder with such a stressful time, enjoy being home!! He is beautiful! X
Alice Kelly   3 week ago
Lawson is beautiful. So sorry you had such a tough start. Getting emotional is totally normal! We call it "the big greet" and after both my babies it happened to me just as my milk came in on day 4. Just cried uncontrollably all day even though things were going fine. Breast feeding can be so hard on you both and it makes baby totally dependant on you- which in turn makes partner feel a bit helpless! As long as you and baby are happy that's what matters. Xx
Land of Lawson   3 days ago
Aww thanks so much for this comment Alice - makes me feel so much better knowing other people go through this too!! x
Along Came Jay   3 week ago
Oh my lovely congratulations! I too had a stressful time and you will get through this all. Keep strong and sending you positive strength. Xx
Hello Deborah   3 week ago
Congratulations! It must have been such a worrying and stressful time for you. I'm glad you're both at home now.I had my baby earlier this month too xx
Danni Grumbt   3 week ago
So happy for you. Must have been a very worrying time for you. You are doing brill. Xxxxxxx
SiobhanRose96   3 week ago
Aww what a stressful week well-done it looks like you're doing a great job! congratulations x


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