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PRIMARK HAUL | Laura Jayne

1 week ago

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Hannah Evans   1 week ago
Fab haul - can't beat Primark pj's!! xx
Laura Jayne (LifeWithLilly)   1 week ago
Hannah Evans Thankyou! You can never have too many pj's haha. Went a bit crazy but I live in them in the winter :) xx
sophie x (sophiex)   4 days ago
Awww Mickey pjs!! I love primark pjs!! x
Lisa Jane   4 days ago
Those sheep pj's are so cute!x
whiteyho123   1 week ago
Great haul!! Had to laugh at the 'thin straps make me feel like my boobs are on bungee cords' . I feel your pain as a fellow big boober... were those bras a good buy then? May try those myself!! X ps new subby here🖐🏻
HBF At Fifty   4 days ago
Nice haul.
Loulaa ☾   1 week ago
Great video lovely!
nureen kusir   1 week ago
nice haul
Laura Jayne