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Pumpkin picking & Autumn walks | WEEK IN THE LIFE

2 weeks ago

we visited a pumpkin patch and went on lots of family autumn walks looking for conkers and visited some christmas lights at the local garden centre.


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Andrea Louise   1 week ago
I've missed you videos glad to see this one. Oakley has grown so much! I remember you doing your pregnancy pumpkin reveal video x
thepamperedmum   2 days ago
Aw thank you Andrea! He is a little boy now isn't he, aw you have been watching me that long? that seems like so long ago xxx
Heidi Hellings   7 days ago
Loved this vlog, so cute. Where did you get your music from? Xx
Heidi Hellings   1 days ago
thepamperedmum oh is it. I've not found that one on there it's a nice song lol xx
thepamperedmum   2 days ago
Thank you lovely. Just the youtube library, it isn't great but its the only place where you don't get the copy right claims xx
Mums Space   1 week ago
Loved this video! Missed them! Oakley is so big 🙈 how quick has time gone. We must have the same kitchen, I have the same wooden tops, white doors and the same handles lol ☺️ xx
thepamperedmum   2 days ago
Aw thank you lovely! Honestly he is massive!! lol Im sure we do although ours is matte and i think your is gloss, our houses must both be made by the same company xx


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