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1 week ago

Hello chums!

It’s only taken like a month or more to edit these few clips but I really wanted to do it so I could look back on them in years to come. If I leave them as clips on my computer they’ll never see the light of day again!

I didn’t film this to review the hotel, i just filmed when I felt like it. To be honest I spent most of the time with a prosecco in hand so didn’t film much but I hope you enjoy and get a little taste of our holiday in Crete – it was amazing xx

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The Peachicks and Us   1 week ago
Ooh this was so surreal to watch, as we were there not long ago haha - looked like you even stayed in the same section as us! Hope you had a fantastic time, it looked so relaxing and quiet! xx
The Peachicks and Us   1 week ago
Yeah that's where we were too! We had the one at the very end :) xx
Mrs Magovern   1 week ago
The Peachicks and Us yeh we stayed in the first block to the right of the main entrance. We had a swim up room but was kind of shared between three other rooms. I'll do a blog post soon where I'll share more photos from our balcony etc. We had such a fab time! Thanks for watching xx
Mrs Magovern


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