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3 weeks ago

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Taymar Vellacott   2 week ago
You can get a special rug tape I think, that sticks on and creates a rubber backing, we have the same problem with ours lol! Xx
Laura Jayne (LifeWithLilly)   2 week ago
Taymar Vellacott Ooh brilliant! Will have to hunt that down. Everyone goes flying on it 😂 xx
Hannah Evans   1 week ago
Lovely vlog. I have an 8 week old baby girl who is also called Emilia! She is going through a grumpy stage at the moment too plus she is due her first lot of jabs today! Can't wait! 😣 I need to take a leaf out of your book as I am hardly doing any housework at the moment due to having Emilia and a 3 yr old boy. Really need a kick up the bum to get me going! You have inspired me though so thank you x
Laura Jayne (LifeWithLilly)   1 week ago
Hannah Evans Ah belated congratulations! Emilia is such a gorgeous name isn't it?! Housework is not the top of my priority list anymore haha, although I do get stressy if I let it get too much! It's so hard to find the balance I've found, with a baby and a older child xx
Emmah2883   2 week ago
U can get the carpet backing in dunelm
Laura Jayne


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