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Should I Give My Baby A Dummy?

3 days ago

Hey You!

The #ChannelMum topic about dummies was quite an interesting one for me to film this month. Matt and I are currently #TTC and it made us think about our past dummy experiences with our children and it made us think about ‘next time’ and whether or not we would introduce one. Today I’m also talking about weaning toddlers off of a dummy and how I found it.

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Jess   2 days ago
I didn't use a dummy I was 100% determined not to use a dummy and didn't and I don't think I ever would use one.. xxx
Socially Stylish Mama   3 days ago
Oh gosh! I think if I had another child I would still use the dummy BUT take it away within the first year. My two got rid of the dummy quite late, however its not affected their speech or teeth. For my youngest the whole experience has been hell! Lol
Ria from 'Maria Noell'


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