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Sort it Saturday – Day In The Life || Vlogtober 2

3 weeks ago

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Kira Hutt   3 week ago
I've been looking at cordless vacuums, is it powerful? Awww she's growing up so quick! Little cutie xx
Joe And Mummy   3 week ago
+Kira Hutt yeah I was so surprised at the vacuum it does such a good job! I will do a full review of it so look out for that :)
Oh I know she is isn't she, changing so much recently 💕💕 thanks for watching Hun xx

mummylife   3 week ago
Can you do a review on the hoover I have a Henry and I love how well it cleans but hate the bulky heaviness of it. X
Joe And Mummy   3 week ago
+mummylife yeah definitely will do a review :). Thanks for watching xx


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