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Speech & Drama Excercise #Vlogtober

3 weeks ago

Hello people’s of the tube land thank you so much for watching. Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook/Twitter & Instagram where all the cool kids hang out! Every Monday on http://www.theshuiligans.com for weekly blog all things Shuiligans xxx

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JuiceMyRandomness   2 week ago
Having a weekend off is always AWESOME! Do you get bad weather due to where your located? I'm crap with geography! Haha it will be grande lol haha she caught you on the first go lol they were better than you was at the game
The Shuiligans   1 week ago
awww dude the struggles being beaten by 5 and 4 yr old. Thank you for the shout out dude you're awesome xx
Evershear   2 week ago
another great video. Have a great day.
goodi2shooz   2 week ago
what a great game! you don't realize how hard it is not to say yes or no and till you try it. but it's a very clever way of getting kids(and adults) to express themselves better. would you consider doing a Q&A video for those of us who haven't been around for your videos very long?
Sean Williams   2 week ago
great video
Pamela Hicks   2 week ago
Awesome game to play especially on a long trip❤️
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