Speech Update & Preparing for a Autism Meeting | One Plan Meeting

Stacey Leigh

Im currently in bed with a throat infection, and the flu. Today started of so well but my temperature is through the roof, but this was meant to go live today as I filmed it today before everything changed. Love you guys! Xoxo A One Plan is a document that is focused on our SEN children. It’s a outcomes-focused action plan with working with your child’s. It identifies what the pupil and the family would like to achieve and the support that will be put in place to meet your child’s needs. I share how Jacob’s Initial One Plan Meeting went this week and what happened.

Teaching Children with Autism To Talk -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4CDmLL4l3jM&t=1s

EARLY SIGNS OF AUTISM – https://youtu.be/ZzJqCgF6a88

TIPS FOR DISNEYLAND PARIS AUTISM – https://youtu.be/9gEep13-8dA

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