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Strict Mom Yells At Dad Helping Daughters With Chores – Bowersock Fam Full Ep Prt 2 | Supernanny USA

1 week ago

Strict Mom Yells At Dad Helping Daughters With Chores – Bowersock Fam Full Ep Prt 2. Part 3 Will be uploaded on Saturday 15th October

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Meet Supernanny — a modern day Mary Poppins, who can transform the wild ways of children. She’s able to solve problems with behaviour, sleep, mealtime, potty training and other challenges that have vexed parents around the world for centuries. With just a spoonful of sugar and a practical, no-nonsense style of parenting.

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Alice Jarry   1 week ago
I thought the dad said "Hi the name's Dad".
Emerson Mugg   2 days ago
Alice Jarry lol same😂
cute is my middle name   3 days ago
Alice Jarry same
Olivia Petrowski   5 days ago
Alice Jarry haha!
Street Spitzley   7 days ago
I never knew this nanny was from England! How could a British nanny take care of out of control kids? Have a British help an American. 🇬🇧🇺🇸🇬🇧
CALUM WARD   2 days ago
Street Spitzley and how does being British define our skills compared to any other nationality. Pretty sure we're all the same...
Tracerstit   3 days ago
Street Spitzley British nannies are 100% amazing almost always
Can't think of a name   1 week ago
Is it just me or can you see the comments cause I can't
Catherine's chanel   5 days ago
Can't think of a name no I can
Lonely Kestrel5   1 week ago
if it were me I would help my kids clean as long as they clean with me
Lonely Kestrel5   4 days ago
+Twentiethcenturybaby no If I saw my kids slacking off while im helping them I would give them a warning but if they slack off again I wont help them at all for that day
Cinematic Curtain   4 days ago
I agree. My mom and I usually reorganized my room and now I'm a perfectly balanced adult with a great love for keeping things neat. I know it's all different strokes, but I'm pretty sure helping your kids isn't as damaging as throwing a bag at them and saying "go"... I've seen parents that do that and it didn't exactly work.
Twentiethcenturybaby   5 days ago
Lonely Kestrel5 And you end up doing 90% of the work.
lightningmcqueen 30   5 days ago
I barely saw my dad because I had to stay with my grandparents while my mother was always gone on buisness trips for weeks, months asand my dad worked from before the sun raised till late after midnight.let's just say my grandparents weren't as nice to have around as my actual loving parents.other then the time when my dad was yelling and throwing fits occasionally .but my nana was O.K but my grandpas belt hurt like hell. he'd make me and my bro and cousin lean over the side of the bed and he'd jerk our hands out of the way and lash us(less dramatically than it sounds >; ) [ with a belt like 10 times.that dad shouldn't leave his kids like that.at least when my dad comes home from work at about 6,7 :00 at night ( not as late as previously his work hours) he doesn't immediantlh leave. except if it's Tuesday he goes to subway with his friends then we gotta go to grandparents but luckily with Mom cause she's Been outta work for a few years now and she's tried for another job but never makes it. she's tried for at least 3. but when we go over there he doesn't pull out the belt as long as she's there and me , cousin, and brother play minecraft and need for speed and stuff xd
Tracy Stuart   4 days ago
lightningmcqueen 30
I Love Fluttershy   5 days ago
why does it say that there is 3 comments????!?!?
Video Addict   3 days ago
Well... My dad smacked me from a young age I had the naughty corner, my imaginary friend was kicked out of the house... This family has sense, they actually do something to discipline... Granted I will never smack my kids when I'm older but at least they are doing something unlike other families on this show
Iki Kikiriki   5 days ago
that dad is realy good perent
scissorhead   7 days ago
they need a smack on the ass
Ellie and Pickle p   4 days ago
Yeah they should

Julie Bennett   1 week ago
First again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Suranne Kelly   5 days ago
Julie Bennett
Only one of you can have first comment



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