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1 week ago

Hey lovelies I have been missing for a while but you are sure to see my face a little more often now a few vlogs planned for you!

Hello everyone and welcome to our channel!

I am Tanita, mum to two wonderfully inspiring children, Archie born in 2013, and Sophia in 2010. This channel is going to be a film of our everyday, a memory of some of our very own magical moments that I feel lucky to be able to capture along my way on this very beautiful journey that is motherhood.

I write a blog too, which I have been working on for about 6 months now: http://www.justmotherhood.com

You can also link up with us here, if you would like:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/just_motherhood

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Katie Lou   5 days ago
I love walks when it's fresh..did Sophia end up calling her cat Hatty? Lol x
Just Motherhood   4 days ago
Aw no we didn't all agree on that name! Bless her, she still keeps changing her mind now that we have agreed on a name!! xx
Life and Little Toes   1 hour ago
lovely autumn walk x
Dear Twans, With Love   6 days ago
It's the simple walks sometimes that make the nicest vlogs! I loved this, my favourite part was the slow mo jumping into arms 💖 your a really good vlogger and editor :) 💖
Just Motherhood   6 days ago
Aw thank you lovely. I can say the same about yours, love watching. xx
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