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5 days ago

The calm before the storm.. or at least if feels that way. I loved editing and filming this week. I finally feel as though we’re back into vlogging and there is no stopping us now!

The Boris reference.. let’s talk about that! It’s the hair, only the hair! But funny nevertheless!

Primark has finally opened a store in Cumbria so we HAD to check it out, twice! Overall a fun relaxed week, it’s going to have to get bumpy sometime soon with the amount we have to do though so I’m taking each day at a time haha 🙂

Enjoy and we will be back next week, another week another step closer to our leaving date… OHMYGOODNESS!


Hello! Nice to meet you, We’re Becki, Dan, Tyler and Tianne! Otherwise known as Dear Twans, With Love.

We’re a young family living in the North West of England, right in the heart of the Lake District and we’re currently in the process of moving to the other side of the world. Australia!

With two young children Tyler 4 and Tianne 3, it’s going to be one fun journey so we’d like to invite you along to join us as we experience the joys of life.

We love to hear from you so please feel free to contact us here: [email protected]

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This week our music has come from the amazingly talented Danny Bau.

and also
“Music from Epidemic Sound (http://www.epidemicsound.com)”

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Just Motherhood   4 days ago
How cute calling him 'boris' he was not impressed, sibling love ey. Lovely vlog, your vlogs are always so enjoyable to watch you come across so lovely. Cant believe you have 11 weeks left. xx
Dear Twans, With Love   4 days ago
Haha it really made me laugh and I was so pleased I had the camera at the ready. It's funny moments like those that I'll look back on one day and be so glad I make these each week. Time is flying I can't even take in how fast it's moving.. we have so much to do! Bring on the next 11 weeks worth of vlogs haha. Thank you :) xx
Bf   4 days ago
So glad you are blogging again! The boris bit made me chuckle xxxx
Dear Twans, With Love   4 days ago
Aww thanks, :) Really glad to be vlogging again too, I didn't quite manage to get to grips with finding time to edit in the past but I've got a pretty good routine going now so hopefully it'll stay that way and we will be here for the long run :) Yes that Boris bit!! Haha I did wonder if anyone else would find it funny or just offensive so I'm glad you've got the same sense of humour as me :) xxx
Dear Twans, With Love


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