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The Conception Diaries Our Initial Consultation with IVF Spain

6 days ago

The Conception Diaries. The twentiy seventh in a series of vlogs about our attempts in trying for a baby, secondary infertility, unexplained infertility and our decision to go for egg donation.
In this vlog, which was recorded on October 2nd, I explain the full details of what our visit to IVF Spain entailed, what processes we went through, why I believe that they are so supportive and why we feel so much more confident. I explain my feelings behind ‘that’ Daily Mail article and also how I feel Spain compares to Cyprus. I also tell you about our feature in the Fertility Road Magazine that is coming up as well as information about my medication.

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MrsTeePotTV   6 days ago
Best of luck with it all. Much love coming at you, as always.
Victoria Welton (Verily Victoria Vocalises)   6 days ago
Thank you gorgeous lady, your support is so much appreciated. Much love xx
New Mum Online   6 days ago
Just watched 100% of this. Glad to hear that things are getting more positive. I've watched quite a few of your Conception Diaries but had no idea about the Daily Mail article which I've now just read. Did you supply the photos and quotes? They did it with your consent? Maybe that's why you woke up feeling okay about it. It is sensational but that's the only way the Daily Mail knows how to publish something..... I've wanted to ask you for such a long time, if you've ever tried Chinese Herbs but I've never felt like I've known enough about the circumstances to comment. I don't know if herbs help with low egg supply but I had implantation failure (where you have a naturally fertilised egg that doesn't "take" in the wall of the womb and you get a late very heavy period as a result) a few times and they helped with that. They've also been known to reverse early menopause. Just wondered if you've tried them. Anyway best of luck with your journey. Lots of love, Liska x
Victoria Welton (Verily Victoria Vocalises)   6 days ago
Thanks so much Liska. With the Daily Mail article, the only thing that we didn't approve was the title - which in the paper was splashed right across our photo! The rest we approved - which is why, as you say, I was OK with it. It paid us £500 which covered our flights to Spain (which is all I cared about!). I have been having acupuncture and using Chinese herbs since May now. I am hoping that, as it hasn't helped naturally, that it will help with implantation as I am also having it done whilst I am there. It has definitely helped improve the lining thickness :) Thank you so much for watching and for your really supportive comment. Lots of love xx
Carol Cameleon   2 hour ago
It sounds like such a in-depth personal service and i truly hope it all goes to plan for you, Ross and Grace x
Victoria Welton


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