The Llama Llama Song For Toddlers

Lynn JT

8 months ago

CHILD-APPROPRIATE LYRICS: HAPPY llama, SAD llama, TOTALLY RAD llama, BABY llama, SUPER llama, don’t forget BARAK-O-llama, Fish-Fish, more FISH! Camel! Moose! Peacock! Fish! This song is done with hand movements and doesn’t make any sense really. It’a not educational but it is so much fun and just something different from the usual children’s nursery rhyms that are frankly doing my head in right now. I’m sure this one will be too soon enough though haha! Great way to entertain your toddler in the car or to distract your kid when they’re working up to a tantrum or just feeling down. Always gets me a smile. Have fun and please do subscribe for more free videos from the crazy world of parenthood. thank you xxx

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