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the swinging cup. daily vlog #126

1 week ago

It’s a mystery – a message from beyond.
EJ x

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Debbie Rivera   7 days ago
love your kitchen lol you should do a house tour. really love your videos I am new to your channel and will continue to watch.
Occasional Vlog   6 days ago
Ah thank you Debbie. It's the one room in the house that I've had a chance to rehash - it's a town house and the kitchen was in a teeny room at the front when we moved in, with what's now the kitchen just being a huge lounge area. So we swapped them around. I absolutely love it but we never quite finished decorating and it's all looking a bit too shabby now... I daren't tour you itentionally around the rest of the house as it is rarely tidy still shows the tired magnolia paint ..... One day I'll get a decorator in the do the house from top to bottom....... lottery ticket anyone? EJ x
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