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2 weeks ago

Transformation station. It’s time for a make over. I decided a much needed image change was in order so I dyed my hair from blonde to brown, had my eyebrows coloured and nails pampered and went out for a few drinks like a normal adult. A wee revamp can make you feel the world of good.
It was quite scary going from blonde hair to blonde hair let me know what you think of the new look. The transformation station is complete

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Life With Munchers   2 week ago
love the hair! I had to do the same after mine started to break from the bleach. Now I keep it dark as it's easier to look after. Good to see you back and having a night out xx
We're The Millers   2 week ago
+Life With Munchers bleach is a nightmare but I will no doubt be blonde again this time next year X
GIBSONVLOGS   2 week ago
Love love love your hair it looks gorgeous x
Justin & Sarah VLOGS.   2 week ago
So sparkly! Looks great!! :)
Hollie Carragher   2 week ago
Your hair is beautiful Natalie, my cousin Ryan Lawrie and his girlfriend Emily Middlemas got through to next week's live shows.
Joshuas funfair and Gaming   2 week ago
I like it I liked it the way it was in case in saw you
Katie Hayes   2 week ago
The brown hair totally suits you! Really looks lovely!
Naissy S   2 week ago
The new hair color looks great! I hope you're feeling better soon! Hopefully the bathroom is coming together well soon.
lyndsey stanhope   2 week ago
you look lovely, the dark really suits you
Ellie McLeod   2 week ago
Your hair is lovely! ❤️
Erica Yuill   2 week ago
Love it, it won't be a late one - picked up from the dancing at whatever time in the morning 😂 you have the same will power as me 😂
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