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Vlog || Bedruthan Hotel Family Weekend Away

3 weeks ago

We got to visit the wonderful Bedruthan Hotel over the weekend, I promised more vlogs so here is a vlog of our stay I hope you enjoy it.

Have you been to Cornwall before, ever visited the Bedruthan?

Read my review of the hotel and view lots of images here: http://lizaprideaux.com/2016/10/family-travel-bedruthan-hotel.html

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laura stevens   2 week ago
Lovely vlog 😊 xx
liza prideaux   1 days ago
Thankyou Laura
nicola burton   2 week ago
Hey we are planning our first family holiday in a few weeks. How did you deal with bottles? Sterilising etc? Hotel looks lovely! Also a video request, a mum of 2 morning routine. My boys are 18 months and 3 months and most mornings I don't have time to shower let alone do makeup 😩 and your always looking gorgeous. Much love xx
liza prideaux   2 week ago
nicola burton hello lovely. This hotel had everything we needed like sterilisers, bouncers ect. We usually take our tommee tippee bottle maker or buy pre made bottles which can be quite expensive but so much easier X
Alex Gladwin   5 days ago
Loved your video as well as your post. Bedrthuan is so so lovely, really hard to fault! Stunning hotel and so friendly for the kids. xx
liza prideaux   1 days ago
Thanks lovely, it was a fab trip x
Emma Ross   2 week ago
really enjoyed this - nice one lovely - and what a STUNNING hotel and surroundings x looks super kid friendly too x
liza prideaux   1 days ago
It was truly amazing x
Hana lily Jones   2 week ago
I live in Cornwall, always visit bedruthan at Christmas to see santa! XxX
liza prideaux   2 week ago
Hana lily Jones ah I bet it's fab at Christmas!
Gemma Jade   2 week ago
Vinny is such a little sweetheart!!! Xxx
liza prideaux   2 week ago
Gemma Jade Thankyou lovely, he was rather mischievous over the weekend. Typical boy! 😆
liza prideaux


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