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3 weeks ago

**OPEN ME!**
Hello you beautiful bunch! I hope you’re all doing well? Ok so heres a new vlog, come christmas shopping with us! We’ve made a start on our christmas shopping but it didn’t actually go as i planned!
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thanks so much for watching
Leanne xx

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umbumgo   3 week ago
What's your most FAVOURITE things about this time of the year?! Autumn is one of my favourite seasons! Halloween bonfire night and Christmas just around the corner! 🎃🍁🎄
NunaFeedsTheDucks   2 week ago
umbumgo umbumgo Hi Leanne, Halloween is celebrated big here in Canada, I spend about four hours opening the door to excited children dressed up in costumes trick a treating. I make up bags of candy ready because it saves time, bomb-fire nights not so big at all. Autumn or Fall they call it here is so pretty I love it, all the trees change colours, there are trees everywhere you look. The only down- Fall pardon the Pune loll, is sweeping the leaves they are everywhere once they start to fall from the trees. I love Christmas but it can get really stressful sometimes if I'm hosting a meal on Christmas Day for about 25 family members, they always seem to want it at my house so I only get a break once in a while maybe every other Christmas these days, I need a weeks feast after it's all over lol. Thanks for taking us Christmas shopping, glad you are feeling better, take care pretty lady hugs Margaret x
lauraxox2126   3 week ago
ahhhh u shud vlog if ur meeting up! i love you both! x
umbumgo   3 week ago
Are you feeling any better stace? I seriously cannot wait for our Starbucks date! Xxx
Lumdeedums   3 week ago
I have the logs table cloth from last year and want to get that star candle holder. Love the range.
umbumgo   2 week ago
Lumdeedums me to can't wait to go back xx
umbumgo   2 week ago
Lumdeedums lmkkkkkkqkk
nellyville6502   20 hour ago
I'm curious in your family room by the kitchen on the shelves there is the word "hoe" why? hahahaha
Mrssupermumm   2 week ago
I've started already too. let the excitement begin lol.
umbumgo   2 week ago
Mrssupermumm whoop! Xx
Mother Muse   2 week ago
What a sweetheart that Poppy is, handshake and all. Just love this time of year too. My birthday's next month, maybe that's why ;) anyway half our family have November birthdays. Love the Halloween season, the crisp fall air, the fun family adventures and the fun of christmas shopping... though right on the heels of doing 2 birthday parties for the kids it is a bit of pressure.. Such a lovely time, Autumn, so why am I feeling so down today. Ah I know it's because we are ttc #5 and I just know it's never going to happen. It's been 4 years and no baby this time, so I'm just feeling quite sad today. Watching your vlogs tend to cheer me up, glad I tuned in. Quick question (sorry this is now so wordy) are your kids good about cleaning up their messes? Do you mainly have to keep house alone? My kids never seem to stop making messes fast as I can clean them. Hubs and I have been on them about cleaning up after themselves, but I hate having to nag. Even my 16 yo. is stubborn about it. Drives me up the wall sometimes. Just wondering how you do it? xo
cheryl overan   1 days ago
so love what you said about santa delivers them, i say it to the kids lol!! why should santa get the credit lol ace vid! xx
Charlotte the Magpie Mama   2 week ago
Ahhhh you are making me panic about buying pressies for my 5 now! 😲😲😲😁
Claire Turnbull   2 week ago
Could you film a house tour?
Fiona Casey Sheehan   6 days ago
hi leanne watching ur vlog in bed wit my painful 2 broken bones look i am to be able to watch u.. my favourite u tube mommy!
Jazzy An Kazzy Krazzee   1 week ago
Didn't no you were sick darling.. Glad your feeling better though. Great vlog as always... lots a love xoxo💜💖💙


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