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What We did This Week | No.25

1 week ago

Another weekly vlog,I went Halloween shopping x


Thanks for watching x
Hi, I’m Kelly, (you,me and the 6 C’s) family of 5 children and 1 King Charles spaniel. I’m an East Londoner living in Liverpool and love vlogging our daily lives and making memories for the kids.

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weekly vlogs, hauls, reviews, crafts, chatty vlogs and more.
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BeautyRelated   1 week ago
Carson has the cutest laugh ever💗
You,me and the 6 C's   1 week ago
haha thanks x
MyFamilyof8. Xx   1 week ago
Great Vlog hun. Kids are looking forward to Halloween too. Got to do my halloween shopping this week. Poundworld are fab for decor. Xx
You,me and the 6 C's   1 week ago
ah Thank you x
Gerri Smyth   1 week ago
I love listening to Carson laugh, its contagious, it made me laugh too!
Becca Moffat   7 days ago
You should do vlogmas 👍🏼😊
Fern Barclay   1 week ago
Been watching for videos for while always wondered why you don't try aldi for cheapness a was the same but really like it still do asda for some bits but save so much doing it that way! Gutted to say am going to miss 3weeks of you videos but where finally off on our Florida holiday this week!!! But least I will have them to watch when am back x
You,me and the 6 C's   1 week ago
Aww fantastic hope you have a fab time, this time of year is meant to be the best!!
katie elton   1 week ago
Great Vlog thanks x
You,me and the 6 C's


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