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3 weeks ago

Here is Athena’s hospital bag! There is also Eds bag that does have snacks etc in so don’t worry haha! Remember it is all personal choice with packing these bags, you do whatever you feel is right for you, but this is just what I did for me!

WATCH Whats in MY Hospital bag: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F8NkEt1bUXk

Similar Bag at Debenhams: http://www.debenhams.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/prod_10701_10001_36536+T44057_-1

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Ed and I do NOT expect gifts of any kind, but there has been some very kind hearted people asking if they can send us things which we very much appreciate. If you send me a letter I would love to hear from you! It’s not often we use pigeon post now but it would be fun! Don’t forget to include your address or a stamped addressed envelope so I can return a letter back to you if you do send me one! Here is the address:

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Many thanks to you for all the beautiful gifts we have received! You are so kind! x

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peta james   2 week ago
aw you'll have to get a pic for us all of Athena in her coming home outfit, it's so cute. I think you've thought of just about everything for both your hospital bags....love the matching mummy and baby bags btw💖 not much longer now, it's all so exciting xx
Tilly Cutler   2 week ago
I will do hehe thanks so much! Eek! xx
Mrs Midwood   2 week ago
We were given milk by the hospital which was good I also use aptimel it brilliant :)
Becky Ellis   2 week ago
Omg those bottles with the sterilised lids look amazing! I'm defo gonna get them, I was planning on bringing bottles with me but these are much better!! 😍xxx
Susannah Banks   2 week ago
don't bite or cut the nails off they will just naturally come off. runs the risk of pulling the whole nail off the bed or causing infection from cuts and around the skin. they have been in water for months so all all soft and not hard like a normal nail
Marjorie Mccormick   2 week ago
lv ur vlogs xar so oo lvly and how exciting for you both your face says it all bless u xxxxmargex
Karen Newton   2 week ago
You def need more sleep suits. Babies are very Mucusy after being born and can make them sick a lot, nobody warned me about it with my first
Tilly Cutler   2 week ago
We live 2 seconds from hospital so Ive just got that amount to start with but anyone can pop back anytime x
Melissa Tyrrell   2 week ago
Aptamil is awesome stuff.
Gemma Campbell   2 week ago
I agree leave the towel and put in more sleep suits baby is sick after almost every feed at first so make sure you keep them muslin squares in reach lol
therealBRITSofNY   1 week ago
I have just watched your snaps and instagram, so happy for you...your daughter is beautiful. Looking forward to more of your videos and seeing her grow...hope you get some rest. Love and hugs Sue xo
fairydustofficial   2 week ago
We were given milk for the baby so maybe check you need that if struggling for room. They had every different one too xx
Tilly Cutler


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