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Who Said What Eps 4 (And Submit To Your Dreams)

2 weeks ago

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Evershear   1 week ago
Another great video.Really loved the story about the student studding there. I am glad to hear she had a wonderful experience there. I did want to say that we are a lot more friendly here in the South (Virginia) than where she lives in the North (Pennsylvania), but others may disagree assessment. That made me think, Do you all have regional rivalries in your country? It may just be because the US is such a big nation with a lot of different areas that leads to that here.Also, yeah, we don't put corn on our pizza, although It is surprising we don't considering how much corn we eat here. but it is a good idea to get more veggies in you diet.keep up the good work and God Bless.
goodi2shooz   1 week ago
Thanks for the shoutout! love all your videos all the time, can't get through the day without my daily dose of Shuiligans!
JuiceMyRandomness   7 days ago
I would love for you to do an Irish language tutorial! your videos do have a GREAT ENERGY!!!!
Sally Gearing   1 week ago
You follow Munster...love that...sorry to hear about the coach passing away though. I'm a league fan so follow Castleford in the UK super league and Storm in Melbourne Australia in the NRL
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