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Working From Home | Daily Vlog

4 days ago

Just a typical Monday working from home and struggling to fit everything in!

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Truly Madlykids   15 hour ago
Love a bit of Suede! Biddy is gorgeous. I love the style of this X
Ursula Rose   3 days ago
For real your skin is so glowy - even on a Monday! Really nice to see a little snippet of a DITL x
Ria Langner   3 days ago
Oh Biddy is just the coolest. Ellenah was laughing the whole time she was on the screen and said 'Is she my friend mama?'You know what I think about your writing hun. I know I'm a nobody and my opinion doesn't count for much but big things are meant for you.x x x
Amy Treasure   3 days ago
Ah you're so lush! And omg YOUR SKIN!!! Wow. Biddy is adorable. Sounds like some interesting deadlines, especially Blogosphere mag (!) You know how I feel about these awards shenanigans but your pure talent should and will be recognised you don't need to win a silly popularity contest to know you are the bomb dot com!! Much love xxx ps I posed in front of an urban wall yesterday wearing wellies and sunglasses it's just how I roll hehe
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