‘An ordinary mum, doing ordinary things’ by Mummy Nutter

The lovely Mummy Nutter has written this guest post for us about why she decided to start her new vlog just a few weeks ago. We’re looking for more guest contributors, so please get in touch if you have something to share.  

In the meantime, over to Mummy Nutter!

I’m mummy nutter; I’m mummy to 2 gorgeous girls (Hope 2.5yrs and Margot 5 months) and my maiden name is Nutter – which sort of sums me up perfectly.

Before I became a mum I would have described myself as fiercely ambitious; and am not ashamed to say I questioned whether having children was the right thing to do at the time. I have since come to the conclusion that it’s never a good time to have kids; so you may as well get on with it. My order of doing things wasn’t conventional – career, baby, new job, marriage and then another baby. Although I went back to work (in the fashion industry) and intend on doing so again later this year, I have never been more comfortable with the fact that I am a working mother.

My first maternity leave was spent mainly sweating and panicking about everything parental. I wore my ‘L’ plates visibly with everything I did. I was under confident and trying to be perfect – a deadly combination!

I was the mum who sang the wrong words in nursery rhymes at bounce and rhyme, but kept going even though I hated every moment of it. I’m the mum who had never used a food blender before weaning and then quickly realised pouches were the way forward and I’m the mum who lay awake at night worrying about all my parenting inadequacies.

My second maternity leave in complete contrast has been a breath of fresh air; I am loving every second and mainly because I’m so much more relaxed and have stopped trying to be perfect.


The downside to breastfeeding is giving yourself thumb ache from too much time spent on the iphone, which is how I ended up spending way too much money shopping online, became a secret dailymailonline reader (shameful I know) and discovered YouTube! Ok, so I know who Zoella is (thanks to Vogue Nov 2014 issue) but had never considered it a tool for learning / exploring parenting tips.  Like my friends I used Google on a daily basis and found myself trawling through forums where everyone had conflicting opinions; so how did I know who to trust? They could be childless maniacs for all I knew.

I searched YouTube for mummy vloggers, excited to see who could be my virtual friend, who I would trust because I could ‘see’ them in their own homes. I imagined following ‘cool mums’, where I would get inspiration on fashion and lifestyle as well as how to raise my kids ‘cool’. I searched and searched and found no one I could relate too. So I thought I’d give it a go – I love a project and a sense of purpose and so, with my ipad and a few spare moments when Margot was sleeping and Hope was at nursery I started mummy nutter. I’ve since discovered a some fab mummy vloggers but it’s so hard to find what you’re looking for on YouTube, which is why I’m so happy that Channel Mum is here to bring us all together!

My tagline is ‘an ordinary mum doing ordinary things’ and I’m the first to admit this sounds horrific, but I’m hoping that YouTube will become the new forum for mums to communicate, a way for people to see ‘REAL’ mums in action and find people they can relate to.

My videos are not perfect, they don’t have Diptique candles and fairy lights in the background and I certainly wouldn’t dream of telling anyone that the way I do things is the best way; everyone is different and should do whatever feels right for them. My channel is just me sharing my parenting journey with what I’ve learnt along the way.

My parenting style certainly isn’t wholesome; I don’t cook everything from scratch, my children had dummies (gasp, I know!), I still swear (more in my head these days) and I still have the occasional melt down BUT I’m a nice person, I give everything a go, I’m always positive, I love to make a vision board, totally believe in Karma and most importantly I love my children beyond measure. Plus, if my new channel keeps me out of bounce and rhyme I’ll be a better mother for it!


Opening the door

Just before the launch of anything new is an exciting but scary time.

I remember taking over the running of an almost defunct toddler group when my first child was about two. I gave all the toys a good clean, got some new ones by begging for donations, bought some posh biscuits and replaced the Mellow Bird’s coffee with Nescafe (no one drank skinny lattes back then). And I put the word out: leaflets at the doctors and on church hall noticeboards.

And nervously I opened the door at 10am. A long line of buggies and mums and babies and toddlers were waiting outside, and more followed behind. The hall was full and noisy; the toddlers ran round in circles or rode little trucks like dodgem cars, the babies sat mesmerised in the baby corner and the mums chatted. Then we sat in a big wide circle and sang all my favourites (My top 3: Dingle Dangle Scarecrow, Miss Polly had a Dolly and 3 Naughty Monkeys).

I had such a strong sense of pride, community and belonging – and relief!  Today felt a little bit like that. You just don’t know if people will come along and see what you’re up to; you don’t know if they will like it if they do come.  You don’t know – but you take a deep breathe and open the door.

I just wanted to give a big shout out to all you lovely people who have come over to say hello, join up or give encouragement to Channel Mum. Thank you for giving us such a warm welcome.  And thanks to the GuardianThe Drum and Campaign who helped us get the word out.



Channel Mum’s inaugural Vlog 15 is here!

Today we’ve released the results of the first ever Channel Mum Vlog 15 index, revealing the top 15 mum-focused YouTube creators for the month of December 2014.

We’ve put together a very clever-sounding algorithm that allows us to rate creators against each other across a range of datapoints to give us an engagement and reach score and then a ranking based on a combination of both. We wanted the Vlog 15 to be not just reflective of creators’ scale (subscribers / views) in the way that most YouTube indexes are, but also to factor quality of engagement with content, and also the creator’s social footprint outside of YouTube.


The much-loved Anna Sacconne managed to cling to her position at the top of the index in both November and December, though in December she was joined at the top by Sprinkle of Chatter‘s Louise Pentland, who achieved the exact same score as Anna. Within the overall 15 there’s a real mix of different interests and specialisms among the vloggers and their content, including grocery hauls, cooking, kids & mum fashion, beauty and money-saving.

December was a busy month for our lovely creators, with many of them participating in Vlogmas, which saw them joining scores of other YouTubers in committing to post every day throughout the month. But despite the number of videos posted by the vloggers increasing by 30 percent between November and December, this didn’t translate into an increased number of views, with the Vlog 15 clocking 3m less views in December vs. the previous month, showing that increased frequency doesn’t necessarily mean more views.


We’ve looked at average watch-time as a key metric in our index, as we know it’s an important part of the YouTube algorithm that determines which content appears organically on the site. Interestingly there was no correlation between the scale of the vloggers’ community and their watch-time, showing that even newer vloggers or those with smaller communities can command impressive watch-times with the right content.

We’ll be releasing the Channel Mum Vlog 15 in the second week of each month for the month previously. We hope it will become a really useful resource for viewers, advertisers and vloggers themselves to assess the performance of mum-focused YouTube talent.


If you’re a vlogger or creator and would like to be considered for the Vlog 15, please get in touch at creators@channelmum.com. To be assessed, you must have a minimum of 1000 subscribers and have made at least one piece of mum-focused content during the relevant month.

For anyone else who would like more information or to offer feedback about the Vlog 15, please drop us a note at hello@channelmum.com

The honest face of parenting

My kids don’t google questions anymore, they youtube them. And for a while that’s how I thought it would be. YouTube for kids: Minecraft, makeup and funny cat videos. But the YouTube kids are growing up – and having babies. And the YouTube generation of mums have just as many questions as I did when I was a new mum: how do I get my baby to sleep when they think that day is night and night is day? Can I give Calpol AND Ibuprofen for a fever? Is it normal for my baby to cry this much? But more importantly, am I normal?! Why is this so scary? Does anyone else feel overwhelmed? Am I really good enough to be in charge of this tiny delicate, precious little baby?

Millennial mums deserve answers to these questions and they want it in the intimate, visual format of video blogging: vlogging, where it feels like you’re hearing from friends you can get to know and trust. But if you look for answers on YouTube right now, you’ll probably be met mostly by American ‘moms’ (lovely but just different somehow) or corporate how-to’s.

And so Channel Mum was born.

There are some great Mum vloggers already out here – and we’ll introduce you to them here. But we’re also sponsoring 100 mums to find their vlogging voice and tell us their stories. Could you be one? Channel Mum videos are made with love and from the heart by real mums. It’s not about experts telling you what to do, it’s about the honest face of parenting.

The Channel Mum family is about love, trust, friendship and support.

This short film shows just what we mean by that.


Join us and come along on our journey.