Meet this month’s Channel Mum sponsored talent

It’s been just over a month since we announced the first Channel Mum sponsored vloggers, who have already been making brilliant progress.  And now we’re ready to share the new selection of mums to join our stellar vlogging lineup!  Without further ado:

SJ Ljungstrom juggles being mum to her two sons with her job as a director at a top London advertising agency. She admits to finding life as a working mum a struggle sometimes and will be talking about the challenges and highs & lows, as well as trying to debunk “the myth that career mums aren’t fantastic mums”. is a blog run by Helen Neale, which specialises in offering parents personalised charts to download and print to help kids with anything from potty training to fussy eating.  We’ll be working with Helen to share the charts with mums on YouTube in video format, so if you’re looking for a helping hand to encourage a certain behaviour in your child, Helen’s new channel will be the place to go!

Stacey Leigh had her daughter, who is now nine, when she was just nineteen.  She was a single mum until she met her husband who she has been married to for three years, with a baby boy born last year. Stacey will be vlogging about topics such as how to start a relationship when there are children involved, as well as taking up studying as a mum and getting your confidence back after having children. She impressed the judges with her down to earth personality and ideas for her channel.

Charlie O’Brien joins the Channel Mum stable as a new mum – her little boy is just a few weeks old – and intends to make her channel stand out from the crowd by offering a female & male take on life as parents, by having her partner join her in her videos.  Charlie is a presenter for a national radio station – we’re really excited that she’s stepping out in front of the camera and joining our team!

Laura Oakley is also a new mum.  Aged just 21, Laura’s motto as a mum is “just go with it” and she’ll be talking about how she applies this to everything that parenthood throws at her from the cold, hard truths about pregnancy, to her labour story and beyond.

Charlotte Peach approached us with a very honest idea for her channel. Having developed OCD during pregnancy, Charlotte tried to find videos on YouTube from other mums about maternal OCD but struggled to find anything “as we’re all expected to say how happy we are”.  Charlotte’s channel will see her sharing her experiences of mental health issues and her journey back to a more fulfilled, happy life.

Alex Gladwin is a soon-to-be mum of two, who the judges felt was immediately likeable and watchable. The challenges of juggling a new baby with a toddler is something that lots of us face at some point so we’re really looking forward to watching Alex’s videos about how she gets on with this new stage of motherhood.  Alex is also a strict vegetarian so we’ll be looking out for tasty meat-free inspiration on her channel!

We’ll be sharing an update on how all our sponsored vloggers are getting on very soon – a hearty congratulations to our newest recruits!

Becoming a Channel Mum Vlogger, by Isabel Brandon

One of our inaugural Channel Mum sponsored vloggers, Isabel, has written a post over on her blog about becoming a Channel Mum vlogger. Isabel kindly let us share her post here. Don’t forget to check out her YouTube channel to watch her in action too!



Initially, vlogging was an exciting way to create a log of my new life with a little family.  It enables me to watch Oliver grow and develop in forms other than memories and photographs only. As well as getting out the family photo albums in years to come, it will be ‘Come on, let’s watch The Pudding Diaries first Christmas vlog’.

Not only will it be lovely for me to reminisce, but Oliver himself will be able to watch them and see how much everyone loves him. 

Due to me having a gap year, I think I also needed a challenge to keep myself mentally stimulated (as if looking after a baby isn’t mentally challenging enough!) and it allows me to express my creative side.

Anyone who know’s me personally will know I am a painfully awkward person when it comes to things like holding eye contact in conversations.   I am well known for my even more awkward goodbye-hugs with my friends, and these are people I’ve known for years!

So for me to be able to put a camera in my face and to feel completely relaxed really perplexes me. This is not saying that vlogging has ‘cured my awkwardness’, just brought out a (well needed) confidence. Plus, having a baby has given me an awful lot to talk about.

My vlogs are heavily inspired by my favourite YouTuber’s such as Hannah Maggs and the Saccone family.



Putting out snippets of your personal life isn’t for everyone. I don’t think some people understood why I made the vlogs initially. I’m sure I’ve seen a few eyes roll when the camera comes out. However, when I discovered Channel Mum I also discovered a community of other parent vloggers such as myself!

I applied for their sponsorship because vlogging was something I was really, really enjoying and I’d love to share a realistic insight of life as a young mum with a premature baby to others. Not only to create awareness, but also to offer advice and support and also share stories with people in my situation.

I’m going to be honest, I didn’t think I’d have any chance of being accepted but it just goes to show it doesn’t hurt to try!  (I nearly even gave up filling out the application form because I was trying to fill it out on my phone and it was quite stressful haha!)


This is the first time I’ve actually sat down and thought about my plans and hopes for my channel. 

I plan to carry on with The Pudding Diaries vlogs but I am also beginning to introduce slightly different videos.  For example, my mini ‘Getting to know us’ series.

I hope my channel will be accepted into the parent vlogging world.

I’ve quickly come to realise it is a lovely community of people with a variety of stories and backgrounds.  It’s exciting finding mums in similar life situations where you can ‘compare notes’.  It is equally as interesting listening to peoples stories who’s lives couldn’t be more different to your own.


In my (relatively) short time I have been vlogging, I’ve learnt that being yourself is key. You can build up a trust with your viewers if you’re being 100% honest. Also, it further builds your confidence knowing people like you for who you really are.

Also, I’ve learnt not to ‘force it’.  If I don’t feel like vlogging, I don’t.  I believe it is hugely important to only vlog if I’m enjoying it.


So, thanks again to Channel Mum for this amazing opportunity. I’m so happy to be part of the vlogging family.

Please check out my channel HERE!