Another month; another gang of lovely Channel Mum vloggers

Our little family of Channel Mum sponsored vloggers is growing nicely, with a continuous stream of applications coming in each month. This month we’re very excited to share the four new mums who we’ve selected to join our merry team of vloggers:

Alice Young: Alice, aged 21, is mum to Amelia.  Like another of our vloggers, Isabel Brandon, Alice fell pregnant whilst at university.  She’s raising Amelia as a single mum and says:

“Families come in all shapes and sizes and mine happens to be a young single mum living with her parents raising her own daughter. It’s amazing to see the bond Amelia has with her grandparents grow and we all live a happy (most of the time) life together. I would love to show that it is ok for your family not to be a dictionary version but being different still means you can do just as much.”

Sophie Notarbartolo: Sophie works as a maternity assistant and breastfeeding support worker at Bournemouth Hospital and is mummy to baby Theo.  Before she started a family, she had a pressurised job in a bank and feels that becoming a mum gave her the direction and fulfilment that was missing in her life.  We’re excited to welcome someone who looks after other mums as her profession – Sophie’s mantra is: “We are the parents! Trust your gut, you know your baby so you do whatever you need to whenever…”

Emma Bailey: Londoner Emma has two children and enjoys making the most of everything London life has to offer to her family. She’s a stay-at-home mum and wants to use her vlog to show other parents that they are not the only ones who have to deal with tantrums in a restaurant!

Lucy Aitken Read: 32-year old Lucy upped sticks from the UK and moved her family to a farm in New Zealand when her second child was born.  Lucy is an expert in natural beauty and writes a magazine column on the subject, as well as being a proponent of attachment parenting.  She wants her channel to be very practical with lots of hands-on tutorials, presented with humour and tapping into everyone’s inner earth mother!

A big welcome on board to these lovely ladies, who we will start working with a little later in the summer, when they will each receive their Panasonic camcorders.

Oh…and if you haven’t yet subscribed to our YouTube channel yet, now is a very good time to do so as there will be LOTS of exciting goings-on over there very soon!

Channel Mum’s March Vlog 20

If you’ve been waiting for it – here we have it!  March’s Vlog 20 – our list of the top 20 mum YouTube channels, determined by their engagement and reach.


The list sees one new entry – entering in joint 19th place is the S Walker Makeup channel, home to beauty vlogger Sara, who became a mum just last week!  Sara announced her pregnancy on her channel in January after much speculation from her viewers and social media followers.  Since then she’s shared videos about her pregnancy and baby with her followers, meaning that we can welcome her into the Channel Mum Vlog 20 Family!

Oh and we couldn’t resist sharing a pic of Sara with her gorgeous new baby, either.

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 20.18.06

If you’re interested in taking a look at how the list breaks down in to reach and engagement specifically, here are those results.  As always, a huge congratulations to everyone who made the list and for all the energy that you put into making great videos for us to watch!

ChannelMum_Vlog20_March_2015_2 ChannelMum_Vlog20_March_2015_3