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Although we don’t like to admit it, many of us do have a secret preference for a particular gender. And you know what? It’s completely natural and nothing to be ashamed about. Here’s SJ with her six top tips:

Maybe you’ve always pictured yourself with a daughter, or perhaps you already have one or more boys and would like to balance it out. There are lots of theories and claims made about gender swaying, and SJ is bringing you her top tips for how to get pregnant with a baby girl in the video above.

More about SJ: She had two sons when she tried out these techniques in the hopes of adding a little girl to her family, and sure enough she fell pregnant with baby Evelina. Was it down to these tricks or was it sheer luck? We’ll never know for sure, but there’s no harm in trying them out! Watch more videos from SJ.

How To Have A Girl?

1) The Timing Or Shettles Method – This involves timing sex so that there is a higher chance of girl sperm (carrying the X chromosome) meeting your egg. Dr. Shettles suggests stopping having sex 2 to 3 days before ovulation.
2) Avoid orgasm – This is because orgasm changes the atmosphere of your cervix and makes it a more hostile environment.
3) Have sex every day – This will increase the volume of girl sperm, but remember to stop having sex at that 2-3 day mark!
4) Do shallow penetration sex positions – Girl sperm are more likely to be able to travel further because of their long life-span.
5) Increase your intake of dairy, calcium and magnesium – girl sperm a meant to thrive more in an acidic environment, so fill up on food that is high in these qualities.
6) Restrict your calories – Try eating between 1,500 and 1,800 calories to increase your chances of having a girl.

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Are Housewives Lazy? Things Get Heated | This Morning

What do housewives actually DO all day? This is the question which lead to a heated debate on This Morning when working mum Rebecca asks it of stay at home mum Kerry Whelpdale. Kerry explains that she works just as hard as a working mum does and that she feels there are good and bad things whatever parenting choice you make. Do working mums have to do all the housework and cooking as well as going out to work or do they have it easy because they get a break from the kids?

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Ha-pee Pregnancy Day

a positive pregnancy test result

HAVE you had your two blue lines yet? This week is the most popular time of the year to find out you’re pregnant, with more women getting a positive result on Wednesday January 17th than any other day.

The date falls just over two weeks after National Babymaking Day on January 2, which is the most common day of the year for couples to fall pregnant.

Experts believe more than 10,000 women will take a pregnancy test each day this week, around five times higher than normal but our new research shows many mums-to-be are getting hooked on taking tests, with women taking an average of SIX different ones to ensure they really are expecting. The phenomenon is known as ‘pregnancy test addiction’, with 62 per cent of UK mums admitting to carrying on taking tests even after getting a positive result – and one in 12 testing right up to their 12-week scan.

But with mums spending an average of £30 each on extra tests, peeing on a stick can be an expensive business. While early tests can cost up to £8 for a single test, you can also pick up a two-pack tests in pound shops for just a quid.

So which works best? And how many times did you test to make sure you were really pregnant? Let us know here.

Of course you don’t have to spend anything on pregnancy tests, you can make your own. Take a look at how Jodie got on with these DIY tests.

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Ten of the Best Workout Channels 2018

A woman doing yoga on a rug in front of a laptop

Want to find ways to get your body moving and get a bit healthier in 2018? The good news is having no childcare isn’t an obstacle to fitness; YouTube has a vast array of workouts you can do from the comfort of your own home. Whether your thing is HIIT or yoga, read on for ten of our favourite FREE fitness YouTubers you need to follow this year. In no particular order:

Tone It Up

A high energy all rounder channel with a full range of different exercises. You can even download their app to get more of what you love.

View the Tone It Up channel here

Yoga with Adrienne

Adrienne is all about making time for you and cultivating self love. She has released a new 30 day yoga routine for January 2018 called ‘True’ which we think sounds like a good way to start the year. You can even sign up to the accompanying email for daily affirmations to your inbox.

View the Yoga with Adrienne channel here.

The Body Coach

The franchise that is Joe Wicks also has a great fun YouTube channel, focussing on high energy HIIT workouts. Perfect if you want to burn fat and get fitter this year.

View the Bodycoach channel here.


You didn’t know exercise could be this fun, with full length POP Pilates, PIIT28 and fun Bootcamp Sculpting workouts to Top 40 Hits with certified fitness instructor Cassey Ho.

View the Blogilates channel here.

Lucy Wyndham-Read

Lucy’s channel is full of full workouts suitable for beginners to experts and contain everything from walking exercise to fat burning and full body workouts. A lot of her routines are suitable pre and postnatally so perfect for mums at home.

View Lucy Wyndham-Read’s channel here.

The Fitness Marshall

You saw him featured above with Cassey but he also has his own fun channel which is full of his unique high energy brand of hilarious. Have so much fun dancing along to songs you know that you won’t even feel the burn.

View The Fitness Marshall channel here.

Madeleine Shaw

Madeleine is a yoga teacher and nutritional health coach. She recently had a baby and her latest fitness video is perfect you are are a real exercise beginner or have just had a baby. We recently caught up with Madeleine here.

View Madeleine Shaw’s channel here.

Carly Rowena

Carly’s videos always have a mix of health food, gym or home based workout videos and every day content and she has just started a new Guide to the Gym series for 2018.

View Carley Rowena’s channel here.

Fitness Blender

A husband and wife team with new full workouts every week, many with no equipment required.

View the FitnessBlender channel here.

Whitney Simmons

Her channel combines health, fitness and some serious life inso. A lot of her videos are a combination of workouts with some lifestyle content which is a great mix.

View Whitney Simmons’ channel here.

Have we missed your favourite? Share more of your favourite exercise vloggers on our chatboards.

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National Baby Making Day Top Tips

baby making tips emojis


Did you know that 2nd January is officially National Baby-Making Day?  Millions of couples will be having sex in the hope of falling pregnant and producing a September baby. Our Channel Mum study shows that 10.36pm on 2nd January is the most popular day of the year to conceive. Official figures show the UK’s most common day to be born is September 26 – 38 weeks after January 2, which is the length of the average pregnancy.

Fertility experts say the combination of a desire for a September baby to be eldest in the school year, wanting to spend time together before going back to work and having sex to cure post-New Year hangovers means 60 per cent of would-be parents will make love on the evening of the 2 January.

Sex positions to fall pregnant
The official top sex positions to conceive!

Channel Mum founder Siobhan Freegard says: “Falling pregnant isn’t always easy so couples who have been trying a while will attempt almost anything to help. While there isn’t much medical science to back up these tips, our members swear they have all helped and we have hundreds of bouncing new babies to prove it. As long as you have fun trying, it’s always worth giving it a go – plus we’ve got all the info you need for getting pregnant right here on Channel Mum.”

Did you know there are top sex positions to use to fall pregnant? Find them all here.

Our study also found couples are going to increasingly extreme lengths to conceive – including wearing socks during sex, eating McDonald’s fries after making love and even wearing frozen underpants. Our team have done the research and found 71 per cent of couples will try wacky tricks to boost their chances of conceiving!


1) Wear socks during sex and for the week after to keep your feet warm (10%)
2) Eat McDonalds chips immediately after sex (3%)
3) Eat dark chocolate every day (37%)
4) Avoid having an orgasm for a week after sex (6%)
5) Use reverse psychology and tell yourself you don’t want a baby, then have a wild night out and forget about ‘trying’ (39%)
6) Eat pineapples and drink pineapple juice (32%)
7) Wear green and use green bedsheets – believed to be a fertile colour (5%)
8) Pierce your nose on the left side. Eastern Ayurvedic medicine claims this can make the woman more fertile (0.5%)
9) Don’t just put your legs in the air but ‘bicycle’ them for at least three minutes (58%)
10) Sleep in total darkness. Switch off your phones, devices and wifi (15%)
11) Do ‘dry January’ and stop drinking for a month (7%)
12) And for the men – wear frozen underwear. (1%)

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And don’t forget to check out our top sex positions to get pregnant video!