Channel Mum Printable Union Flag Bunting

Have you got a fete or themed party coming up? Maybe you want to celebrate a royal wedding or a lovely afternoon tea? This printable Union Flag Bunting is a super easy way of adding a little British flair to your event. There’s one that the kids can colour in and one that we’ve done for you!

Instructions: Print them off and cut along the outside of the flags, making sure to include the tabs. Get the kids to colour in (or if you’re in a rush you can use our ready-coloured set), cut a piece of string or ribbon to the length you want, fold the tabs around the string and stick the tabs down with glue or tape. Then hang up for all to see!

Colour In Union Flag Bunting

Colour in your own bunting

Coloured Union Flag Bunting

Ready-Coloured Bunting

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And don’t forget to snap a photo of your bunting and tag us on @channelmum using #ChannelMumVillage and we’ll re-share our favourites. Have fun!

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