Jodie Izzo Live Labour & Birth Story

Jodie Izzo woke up with contractions at 41 weeks pregnant. This is her fourth baby boy, and her last labour was just 20 minutes! Follow her live birth story here…

The Wilky Ways Live Labour & Birth Story

This is Joanna’s third baby boy. She is 41 weeks pregnant, and is hoping to go into labour naturally before the end of the week when her induction is booked. Follow her live birth story here…

Sarah-Jayne Fragola’s Live Labour & Birth Story

This is Sarah-Jayne’s first baby. She is a 31 year old entrepreneur from Nottingham, and is busy readying herself for all that parenting has to throw at her. Follow her live birth story here…


Have you heard about Hypnobirthing? It’s a hot new trend and a great way of having a calm labour and birth experience. Hypnobirthing is popular with celebrities like Sam Faiers, Jessica Alba and Angelina Jolie.

Charlie O’Brien Live Labour & Birth Story

Charlie O’Brien was 36 weeks pregnant with her second child when her waters unexpectedly went. Follow her live birth story and see how she’s getting on being a mum-of-two.

Mrs Meldrum’s Live Labour & Birth Story

Mum-of-two (soon to be three!) Mrs Meldrum was induced at 36 weeks due to a high risk pregnancy with very little growth, concerns over her placenta and possible exposure to Zika. A long and emotional labour eventually resulted in an unplanned c section. Follow her story here…


SJ’s Live Labour & Birth Story

Did you watch SJ share her labour and birth on Facebook Live just before Christmas? Catch up here and watch the videos and her name and gender reveal below.