SATS results, what they mean and how to understand the codes

SATs resultsThis week year 6 kids across the country will receive their KS2 SATs results – but the new National Curriculum means the way the exams are marked has changed. So if your child is bringing home their scores, here’s what you need to know.

What are SATs?

SATS or Standard Assessment Tests are used to assess your child’s school progress at the end of years 2, 6 and 9. All papers children take at Key Stage 2 are marked externally and the results are used to measure the school’s performance. Year 6 pupils take papers in maths; reading; grammar, punctuation and spelling.

How will I know how my child has performed?

Recent curriculum changes mean children no longer get a ‘raw score’ but this now receive a ‘scaled score’ to ensure accurate comparisons of pupil performance over time. A scaled score of 100 or more means a child is working at the expected standard – coded ‘AS’, while a score below 100 indicates that a child has not reached the government expected standard – termed ‘NS’. The maximum score possible is 120, and the minimum is 80.

What score is considered to be a ‘pass mark’?

Government expectations set 100 as the standard scaled SATs score – but you can get varying marks in each paper. Each child will receive confirmation of whether they achieved the national standard.
‘NS’ means the expected standard was not achieved; ‘AS’ means the expected standard was achieved. You might be given your child’s scaled score or a code but you are unlikely to be told your child’s raw score. It’s best to chat to your child’s teacher if you feel concerned about their results.

How will I receive my child’s results?

Many schools send a sheet of results home with the end of term school report, others send a special SATs letter.

How will the SATs effect my child’s secondary school?

Secondary school teachers are told incoming pupils’ SATs scaled scores. Some schools use these to put kids into ‘sets’ while others use it as a quick way to identify which children need extra support in specific subjects. Check with your new secondary school if you want to know more.

Want to chat on all things SATS? Visit our Support Boards now.

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Parent given $132,000 bill after child breaks statue

Weddings can be expensive but this one proved more expensive than most for one parent who was faced with a $132,000 bill after her five-year-old child accidentally knocked over a statue.

Sarah Goodman talks to This Morning about the incident and her determination not to pay the extortionate bill they were sent after the accident happened at the wedding reception, to which children were invited.

The statue was part of a temporary art display at the event venue – a community centre. This particular statue wasn’t in a glass case or roped off, despite its high value and the fact it sat at a height of over six feet tall, leaving the priceless art accessible to children.

Watch the full video below.

Would you ever not invite children to a wedding?

The decision not to invite children to a wedding is often controversial and can cause upset as children have to be left behind with babysitters or relatives. But other parents relish the opportunity to enjoy a few childfree hours! Unsure how to react to a no-children wedding invite? Chat with others in our Mum SOS support group.

Are you facing an unexpected bill you can’t pay?

Unexpected bills, or expenses that haven’t been budgeted for, can be extremely stressful, especially at a time when many family have to keep a close eye on their spending. If you have concerns about money, bills or debt, we’ve got a dedicated Support Group where help is available from parents in the same situation and our Channel Mum experts.

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Is it OK to call a child gorgeous?

In this clip from Loose Women, the panel discuss whether it is wrong to call a child ‘gorgeous’. This follows an incident where a father complained when a stranger complimented his daughter. The father’s response was that it ruins children by calling them gorgeous.

The panel discuss whether calling a child gorgeous is a compliment or an insult to their personality, as the term ‘gorgeous’ is drawing attention to the child’s looks rather than the compliment focusing on how smart they are. They argue this is something we seem to do with girls rather than boys. We tend to comment on a girl’s looks rather than telling them they are brave or strong.

The panel discuss whether in fact damage can be done either way and question whether not commenting on a child’s looks can give them a negative message and leave them wondering whether they are attractive or not. If you are never told you look nice, will you ever think you do? A Channel Mum member recently shared a similar incident happening to her daughter, read more here.

Watch the full Loose Women video below:

Do compliments affect confidence and self-esteem?

Both adults and children can react differently to receiving, or not receiving, compliments. For parents it can be hard to know what the right balance is and exactly how this can affect confidence and self-esteem. We may naturally refer to daughters as beautiful and sons as strong. Some children are more sensitive to compliments and remarks than others. If you have concerns about your child, please do seek support and advice from our experts in our Support Groups.

How do you feel about getting compliments?

Adults too can feel uncomfortable about receiving complements and not know how to respond. Whereas others find complements reassuring and a boost to self-esteem. A lot of it can depend how we feel about ourselves and how comfortable we are in our own skin. We have a mental health course if you have areas of your mental health you want to work on, plus lots of inspiring videos on body positivity.

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Ultimate World Cup Guide For Newbies – Channel Mum

The World Cup is coming to a screen near you, and we can bet that you’ll know at least one person who will be glued to their TVs for the four weeks that it’s on. If you are a newbie who has not yet caught the footie fever, you may be wondering what the fuss is all about. Not to worry, we’ve got the Ultimate World Cup Guide right here that will teach you everything you need to know, brought to you by our very own WAG Kerry!

Need more activities to keep the kiddos busy this summer? Check out our Summer videos – you’ll never run out of ideas again!

When Does The World Cup Start?

The World Cup this year begins on the 14th June and last for four weeks. For everything else you need to know, be sure to watch the full video.

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Is it wrong to want an only child?

In this clip from This Morning, Ruth and Eamonn are joined by two mums with very different views on family size, to discuss whether choosing to have an only child is wrong.

Mum of one Samantha Lenihan, described as the epitome of family planning, was sterilised at the age of 30. Tara Howard has four children and believes that having only one child is unfair. She believes it’s selfish not to give an only child a sibling arguing that the bond they will have throughout their lives can’t be replaced.

They also discuss the expense of childcare costs for big families compared to those with a single child, the support siblings can give each other and whether having more than one child means having the share between your children.Have these issues impacted your own decisions on the amount of children you are having? You can share your reasons you have the number of children you do with other mums here.

See the full discussion in the video below:

Do you need support on your parenting journey?

Here at Channel Mum we support all mums regardless of how many children you have. So whether you have decided to have one child or lots of children, we’ll support you on every step of the journey, whichever route you choose to take. Please do chat to experts in our Support Groups for help, information and advice.

Is family planning something you’re thinking about?

We’ve got lots of videos and advice on trying for a baby, and information on contraception if you’re not.

Not sure what family size is right for you? Wondering if only-child syndrome really exists? Chat to experts and parents in a similar position over in our Support Groups.

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Should my undercarriage really look like that?

In the clip from This Morning, Phil and Holly chat to Dr Zoe about labiaplasty – more commonly known as designer vaginas. A designer vagina is a term used for changing the appearance of the vulva rather than the vagina and Dr Zoe explains that as women age or after they have children their skin can age and change. The procedure started out as purely a medical treatment but nowadays some women can feel insecure about their bodies which can lead to them seeking out the treatment. It has become simpler and cheaper to have a labiaplasty and so it has become more of a trend.

Dr Zoe goes on to explain that there is a skewed perception in society of what is considered normal and shows examples in the video below:

Are you worried about the appearance of your vulva?

If you have concerns over what your body looks like after having children and as you get older, please do chat to experts in our Support Groups. They are there to provide reassurance and will let you know if it is worth talking to your GP.

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Are parents too lazy to potty train?

In this clip from This Morning, Phil reports that 70% of schools are saying there is an increase in the number of 5 year olds starting school in nappies. Some experts are blaming parents for this rise, saying that parents themselves are too lazy to teach their children to potty train. Parents however feel that there isn’t enough support and help when they are trying to toilet train their children and there should be more support available.

Mum of two, Hannah feels that although she got advice from her Health Visitors, this was inconsistent because she saw a different one every time. She feels the advice given plus her daughter starting nursery and being made to wear pullups lead to her child being upset and ultimately suffer with constipation. Toilet Training Expert Amanda Jenner agrees that Hannah felt pressured to force toilet training on her daughter when she wasn’t ready.

Watch this clip to find out the support Hannah has got and what advice Amanda has for her:

Need help potty training your child?

Here on Channel Mum we have a Potty Training section which is full of videos from other mums and advice for parents going through this. You can also watch our Potty Training tips video, by mums who have been there and gone through it too. Ask our experts and talk to other mums in our Mum SOS help boards.

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GDPR and vlogging – What you need to know

A vlogging camera and notebookHeard of GDPR but don’t know what to do? Firstly – Don’t Panic! Ignore the scare stories of expensive fines and companies going out of business and remember this regulation was put in place to protect everyone’s data and keep all of us safe – including you.
Below are some of the most commonly asked GDPR questions to show what you need to do.

Q. What is GDPR?

A. GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation and it is actually just a new piece of EU law monitored by ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office). It came into effect on 25th May 2018. The ICO have produced this simple leaflet on Preparing for GDPR which is a good place to start reading what what you might need to do.

Q. Do I need to employ someone to look after it all for me?

A. You may have read that you need to employ a Data Control Officer or become a Data Processor yourself. This isn’t necessary if you only process personal data for “core business purposes of staff administration, marketing, PR and administration”.  You can take this quiz to find out if this applies to you.

Q. So do I need to delete all my contacts and start again?

A. If your subscribers opted into your mailing list and they can easily unsubscribe then no, you definitely don’t.

Q. I’ve heard about consent and legitimate interest – what do they mean?

A. Put simply, these are reasons why you hold someone’s data. The full list of ‘Lawful Basis for Processing’ reasons can be found here. Do you have a ‘legitimate interest’ in having someone’s contact details? If someone has opted into your mailing list so they want to hear from you then you have a valid reason to keep them. If the contact is a regular PR person you talk to for work then you have a legitimate interest. However if you found someone’s email address on a website and added it to your mailing list this is not a valid reason to have their details. You also need to think about how long it is reasonable to keep your contact data for and delete any contact data you no longer need.

Q. Will I still get sent press releases and offers of work?

A. Many vloggers and bloggers are worried that their work will become more scarce with the introduction of GDPR. PR agencies will need to comply with GDPR too but as long as they have your consent or a legitimate interest for retaining your email address then you should keep on hearing from them. If you haven’t heard from someone for a while then you can always get in touch and ask to get their emails again. It will probably take a while for things to settle down and some companies could be a bit overcautious with deleting data

Q. Do I really have to tell people what information I hold about them?

A. Yes you do – but this is a good thing. GDPR is all about protecting the rights of the individual. If someone asks you what info you hold then you must tell them within 30 days. This means you need to think about how they can ask you and know where your information is all held. Remember though you can also ask the same of any other company so you are more protected too.

Q. Where should I keep my data?

A. GDPR requires that we all think about our data but where we store it is still ultimately up to us. The most important thing is that it is safe and secure. For example:

  • Do you have a password on your phone and computer?
  • Are any filing cabinets containing contact details locked?
  • Do you have secure passwords on your YouTube/social media accounts?
  • If you have a blog in addition to your vlog then you have a bit more to do – you will have to spend a bit more time making sure that the website you host your blog on secure and if you haven’t already upgraded to https then it is vital you do so now.
  • If you use third party suppliers like Mailchimp or competition widgets  then make sure their systems comply and keep a record of what you use and the contracts you have with them.
  • Again just for blog users too but make sure your blog’s Privacy Policy is up to date and take a look at what cookies you gather.

We hoped that has helped answer your questions about GDPR. If you want compare notes and find out what they are doing in preparation, do pop over to our Friendship Bench to chat to other vloggers.  You can read more about GDPR on the ICO’s website.

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Channel Mum Printable Union Flag Bunting

Have you got a fete or themed party coming up? Maybe you want to celebrate a royal wedding or a lovely afternoon tea? This printable Union Flag Bunting is a super easy way of adding a little British flair to your event. There’s one that the kids can colour in and one that we’ve done for you!

Instructions: Print them off and cut along the outside of the flags, making sure to include the tabs. Get the kids to colour in (or if you’re in a rush you can use our ready-coloured set), cut a piece of string or ribbon to the length you want, fold the tabs around the string and stick the tabs down with glue or tape. Then hang up for all to see!

Colour In Union Flag Bunting

Colour in your own bunting

Coloured Union Flag Bunting

Ready-Coloured Bunting

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And don’t forget to snap a photo of your bunting and tag us on @channelmum using #ChannelMumVillage and we’ll re-share our favourites. Have fun!

Got a favourite child? Should you admit it?

Do you have a favourite child or do you love all of your children the same? Mum of four Alisha Tierney-March recently appeared on This Morning and openly says to Phil and Holly that she prefers her third child over the others – giving her preferential treatment and showing her more affection.

Statistics mentioned on the show state that one in five mothers actually admit they have a favourite offspring – are they breaking the ultimate mother taboo? Share your thoughts on this debate in the Channel Mum Chat Groups now.

Watch more videos from Phil and Holly on the This Morning YouTube Channel.

Coping with Sibling Rivalry

Brothers and sisters fighting is something that happens to a lot of parents and it can happen for many reasons including personality clashes, resentment or even bullying at school. In these videos about siblings parents talk about how they have dealt with it and what techniques they have found helps.

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Baby Names That Have Gone Out Of Fashion

Choosing a baby name is quite possibly one of the hardest decisions that parents-to-be face, with so many possibilities and different trends to try and stay ahead of. We’ve done the research and found that many of the names that were at the height of popularity in recent years have been suddenly going out of fashion. But what could be causing these rapid declines? The reasons behind it may surprise you! Watch the full video to find out if your baby name is facing extinction and let us know what you think about these baby names here.

Alexa, Stan and Ollie are among popular baby names being ditched by parents for the weirdest reasons, our new study reveals.Although it was ranked as the UK’s 21st most popular girl’s name in 2016, two-thirds of digitally-savvy parents now say they don’t want their daughter sharing her name with the Amazon Alexa device.Other popular names being dropped by young mums and dads include Stan – because of the hashtag #Stan which is used online to mean ‘stalker-fan’.Ollie, the 69th most popular name for a boy, is also falling out of favour because of a bizarre internet phenomena which sees humans eat the American ‘Ollie’ brand dog food. As a result, three in five parents say they won’t pick it for their son.

On girls’ names, our study of 1,434 parents found Katie and Cait are becoming less popular for a range of reasons, including links to controversial columnist Katie Hopkins, the ‘I Am Cait’ TV show following Caitlyn Jenner and the decline of Kate Middleton fever in favour of new Royal Meghan.

Overall, 55 per cent of parents would be very worried if their child had a name linked to a hashtag, meme or other internet trend, with one in 25 encouraging their child to use a middle name or change their name altogether.

Our baby name expertSJ Strum, said: “Although Alexa was a popular choice a few years ago, the rapid proliferation of Amazon Alexas is killing it off. No one wants a daughter and a device with the same name.”

Is YOUR baby name on the list?


Alexa – The popularity of Amazon Alexa is making this a tricky choice for modern parents. You can’t have a child and a device answering to the same name

Felicia – As ‘Bye, Felicia’ is a millennial insult and internet-breaking Meme

Katie / Cait – Whether it’s Katie Hopkins, the popularity of TV show ‘I Am Cait’ or worries over being a ‘copyKate’ to Kate Middleton, fewer parents are picking this pretty choice.

Scarlett – Being ditched for the even more on-trend and millennial pink Violet

Lauren – With way too many reality TV star connections, it’s no longer an aspirational choice


Stan – Hashtag #Stan means ‘stalker fan’ in millennial slang

Ollie – It’s the name of a popular American pet food brand and is now a YouTube internet phenomenon with humans scoffing their dog’s dinners

Christian – Whether it’s Grey or a nod to religion in multi-cultural Britain, the popularity of this name is on the slide

Harvey – Weinstein, say no more

Ryan – Ryan where? This was once of the UK’s most popular names but is plunging in popularity, as parents don’t want their kids linked to a budget airline.

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Ever Been Caught By the Kids?

HAVE YOU EVER been caught out having sex by your kids? Then you need a SEXCUSE! That’s the new name being given to those little lies we tell after being caught in the act. Our new poll reveals one in five couples have been embarrassed after their child has walked in while they were having sex. Some of the oddest excuses you’ve made include “we were playing bouncy castles”, “we’re wrestling together” and “I’m jumping on daddy’s belly”. Six in 10 mums and dads chose to let their child come to their own conclusion about what they had seen rather than addressing the subject head on – and seven in 10 admitted they just wanted to pretend the whole incident never happened. But the good news for parents is that only a fifth of kids seemed upset by what they had seen, and two thirds were able to pretend they were doing something else. Watch our video and take a look below to find out the top 10 most common Sexcuses:

How many have you used – and do you have a better ones? Share your ideas and take a look at what other parent’s have said here. 


1. Cuddling

2. Play fighting

3. Tickling each other

4. Just moving in the bed

5. Trying to get out of bed

6. We were trying to make each other laugh

7. Playing a new sport

8. Having an argument

9. We were searching for magical treasure

10. We were playing horsey

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Dr Larisa Corda, Channel Mum Women’s Health & Fertility Expert

Larisa Corda fertility expertHello, my name is Larisa Corda and I’m a Consultant in Reproductive Medicine.  In 2010 once my medical studies were complete, I decided to specialise in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, caring for women from pre-conception through to pregnancy and beyond.

I believe in a holistic approach, combining physical, psychological and lifestyle factors such as nutrition, exercise and spiritual well-being, into the treatment I give.

I have a particular interest in wanting to help women facing adversities and I campaign passionately for better welfare and healthcare for women around the globe.  I strongly believe that every woman deserves to be empowered with the necessary tools and information to be able to make her own  decisions and  judgements and that is one of the main reasons I am so excited to be working with Channel Mum.  As the Fertility and Pregnancy Expert-in residence, I’m here to help women of all ages and backgrounds get the information and support they need to move forwards in their own journey and achieve their goals.

Click here to take Larisa’s Video Fertility Course.

Larisa Corda’s Role

At Channel Mum I work in the Support Group on the boards and I am involved in developing content that will help
hopeful parents to conceive. You can ask me anything about:

  • Fertility and trying to conceive
  • Pregnancy, including any surgical procedures
  • Women’s health

My Experience

Larisa Corda's Experience

I am This Morning’s Fertility Expert, appearing on Lorraine and Loose Women.

I am also a member of RCOG, BFS and ESHRE, I was Co-Chair of STIRMAS (Subspecialist Trainees in Reproductive Medicine and Surgery) and I was an ambassador for UN Women and the international humanitarian organisation, The Circle.



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Easter Egg Hunt Clues to Print Off

It’s Easter at last! And when you’re a child it can be a great fun time for the family. There are so many fun things you can do to help bring a little bit of extra magic into your kids’ Easter, and we here at Channel Mum are making things super easy for you. We’ve got three fabulous Easter Egg Hunt Clues sheets for you to print off and use. There’s an option for younger kids, an option for older kids and even a blank version for you to create your own clues. Take a look and choose the ones most suitable for you or you can even just use them as inspiration.

Get your printables below!

Watch Kate try them out with her children in this video:

Printable Easter Egg Clues

Instructions: Print them off and you can either cut them up and hide the next clue each time with or without a treat or give the sheets to your children and leave the treats without the next clue, the choice is yours. You could even get your older children to cut out their own clues.

Easy Easter egg Hunt

Get Your Easy Easter Egg Hunt

Older Easter egg hunt

Get Your Easter Egg Hunt For Older Kids

blank Easter egg hunt

Get Your Blank Easter egg Hunt

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And don’t forget to snap a photo of your kids with their printables and tag us on @channelmum using #CMEaster and we’ll re-share our favourites. Have fun!

The Gender Gap – What Is It & When Does It Start?

MIND the gender gap! It’s well known women are often forced to pay more for high street goods like clothes and toiletries – but did you know this so-called ‘pink tax’ applies to kids too?

Our shock new research from reveals two thirds of parents have noticed stores charging more for the same item depending on whether it’s aimed at boys or girls.

Seven in ten say girls are made to pay more – and the worst thing? It starts when kids are aged just 12 to 18 months old.

Girls’ prices are regularly higher for items including coats, T-shirts, nightwear and even underwear, with a price difference of up to 33%. Over a lifetime, that’s a lot of extra cash!

So what can you do? Our survey showed 97% want it stamped out either with a voluntary code of conduct or by making it illegal. But in the meantime, join the third of parents who are shunning stores which price by gender.

We want your opinion – do you think it’s ridiculous that girls’ stuff costs more, or is it not a big deal? Join in the conversation right here

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The Hidden Epidemic of Extreme Thoughts after Baby

Channel Mum founder, Siobhan Freegard OBE was on This Morning discussing the recent Channel Mum survey which found that nearly half of new mums suffer extreme or disturbing thoughts, as well as 64% stating that they would never seek help. Siobhan was joined on the sofa by vlogger Jem Armistead who shares how she overcame these anxieties and is speaking out to help end the stigma for other mums. If this is a subject that has affected you, know that you are not alone. There is a wealth of support and help on Channel Mum. Start by taking our Mums Mental Health Quiz to see how you are doing. Our short quiz is designed to see how you are really feeling and the results may surprise you. We also have experts in our support group including our health visitor Maggie, our psychologist in residence Emma Kenny and our trained parent helpers. We also have a full video course, podcasts and supporting materials to help.

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Take the Mum’s Mental Health course. 

Hidden Epidemic of Maternal Mental Illness

Our recent survey has uncovered that alarmingly four in ten mums suffer frightening thoughts or hallucinations after giving birth – but keep quiet for fear of being judged or having their baby taken away. Official NHS figures show just 10 to 15 per cent of mums experience serious mental health issues, but experts believe there could be a ‘hidden epidemic’ of maternal mental illness, as 64 per cent of those who fall ill never try to get a formal diagnosis so are missed by official figures.The study of 1,670 mums found 65 per cent of those who experienced the awful thoughts weren’t told pregnancy and parenthood could affect their mental health. As a result, one in five feared they were ‘going mad’ when they fell ill, while 49 per cent were scared of being ‘judged negatively’.

Are You Struggling?

Fill in our Mental Health Quiz here and find out your score.
Take our Mums’ Mental Health Course

Our founder Siobhan Freegard said:

“If your body is broken after birth, everyone understands and supports you, but when your mind is broken, mums still feel they have to keep it hidden. These thoughts are disturbing and terrifying – but very often they are part of becoming a mum. We need to talk about it, normalise it and make mums realise they are not alone.”

More results from our new survey on Mums’ Mental Health

An alarmingly high number of you admitted you had experienced the unsettling thoughts. A fear that something dreadful will happen to your baby is the most common, with 62 per cent of those who suffered the hallucinations vividly feeling this. Forty-four per cent worried about their baby dying, 13 per cent imagined killing or harming their own child while one in 100 were convinced their mother-in-law was trying to take their baby.
The study also found others had visions of their baby being taken by strangers, eaten by a crocodile or snatched by the Grim Reaper.
Worryingly, 39 per cent felt their child and partner would be better off without them and 16 per cent even considered suicide.
Others worried they would be labelled a bad parent (43%) while 26 per cent were ‘ashamed’ of being mentally ill.
The stigma is so great that a disturbing 17 per cent of mums who fell ill admit they thought about self-harm to try to cope, with one in 20 going through with it but 19 per cent of mums who suffered mental illness after birth refused to access help in case their child was taken into care.

Siobhan Freegard said:

“I suffered from post natal depression and visualised extreme images after the birth of my first child then tried to cover it up, so I know exactly what women are going through when they hide it. There is so much pressure to cope and be the perfect parent that when you are crying inside while everyone around you is smiling, it makes you feel you are failing your baby and your whole family. Mums need to know they will get the right support and their baby won’t be taken away.”

Our psychologist Emma Kenny added:

“Good maternal mental health is something that every woman deserves, but due to the lack of knowledge and support this simply isn’t the case, leaving women to deal with some of the most terrifying and debilitating feelings at a time when they should be enjoying their positive new beginnings.”

Some of the Extreme Thoughts Mothers Have Experienced

“I believed my baby hated me and was trying to kill me”
“I planned to jump off the balcony with my baby”
“I thought my flat was haunted and would stay outside from dawn til dusk until my husband got home”
“I thought my baby would die if I didn’t wash up before my microwave pinged”
“I saw the Grim Reaper outside my bedroom door”
“I thought my twins weren’t mine”
“I thought that my mother in law was planning to take my baby”
“I thought that my baby would die because of germs. So I made everyone disinfect themselves before they could touch him. Someone touched my pram in a supermarket once and I couldn’t move due to fear of contamination. I stood in the cleaning isle vigorously disinfecting my pram.”
“I believed if I went to sleep, someone would break in and smother us all to death”
“I wanted to throw my daughter out of the window”
“I thought a crocodile was trying to eat my baby”
“I wanted to drive the car into a wall and kill my baby and myself”
“I cut all my hair off as I thought my baby was eating it and making himself ill”
“I thought everyone would be better off without me”
“I imagined an iron melting into my baby’s face”
“Just blackness, despair like being trapped in thick mud”

Chat on Channel Mum Chat to other mums and professionals in the Channel Mum Support Group.

Take our Mum’s Mental Health Course

Read more about the Channel Mum research in these publications

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Almost HALF of new mothers suffer from frightening thoughts or hallucinations – and two thirds admit to hiding them for fear of being judged.

How To Get Pregnant With A Boy – Channel Mum

Wondering how to conceive a boy? Then you might be interested in finding out the ways that are said to stack the odds in your favour when it comes to the sex of your baby. While there’s no sure-fire way to sway the gender of your child, various theories have been around for generations, and it can’t hurt to try. There are lots of theories and claims made about gender swaying, and today SJ is bringing you her top tips for how to get pregnant with a boy:

She already had two sons when she tried out some techniques for conceiving a baby girl, and sure enough she fell pregnant with little Evelina. If you fancy seeing the techniques she used, and trying your hand at making a little girl, you can find those right here

How To Have A Girl?

1) The Timing Or Shettles Method – This involves timing sex so that there is a higher chance of boy sperm (carrying the Y chromosome) meeting your egg. Dr. Shettles suggests having sex as soon as you ovulate.
2) Abstain from sex after you have ovulated so there is no chance of the girl sperm meeting the egg.
3) Orgasm. It changes your cervix to make it more favourable to the boy sperm.
4) Have sex 4 days before you ovulate as much as you can, but not before or after.
5) Use deep penetration methods so that the boy sperm reaches the egg easier.
6) Eat foods that contain lots of potassium and sodium.

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How to Make Pancakes

Looking for some foolproof pancake recipes to wow your family with this Pancake Day? With the help of Iceland we have five brilliant recipes for you to try below.

We were live on Facebook with Pancake Day hacks and a competition to win £150 of Iceland vouchers! This Competition is now closed but you can still watch the top pancake day hacks from Neil Nugent Iceland’s head chef below. Find out who won here. Iceland have EVERYTHING you could need this pancake day.  Usual Channel Mum rules apply.

THE foolproof pancake recipe
2 eggs, break and lightly mix.
Add a pint of whole milk then enough flour (plain or SR) until it gets to a single cream consistency.
Don’t over mix it. It’s best to leave it to rest for about 20 minutes then it’s good to go!

Vegan apple pancakes
Vegan blueberry pancakes
Indulgent chocolate pancake
Smoked haddock rarebit pancake
Smoked streaky bacon, goats cheese and caramelised onion chutney pancakes

Vegan apple pancakes (serves 4)

Apple pancakes - side view

You will need
240g self-raising flour
15g sugar
1g salt
100g grated apple
340g almond milk
30g veg oil
½ tsp cinnamon

For the toasted oats and nuts
50g of toasted oats
50g of chopped toasted almonds
Maple syrup to taste

1. Put the flour, sugar, almond milk, salt, oil and cinnamon into a bowl and whisk to a smooth batter. Add the grated apple and stir through.

2. Heat a non stick frying pan over a medium heat and lightly oil. Pour in the batter and cook your pancakes for 1 to 2 minutes on each side until golden.

3. Top the pancakes with the toasted oats and nuts and a drizzle of maple syrup.

Vegan blueberry pancakes (serves 4)

Side view of blueberry pancakes

You will need
240g self-raising flour
15g sugar
1g salt
100g blueberries
340g almond milk
30g veg oil

1. Put the flour, sugar, almond milk, salt, oil and cinnamon into a bowl and whisk to a smooth batter. Add the blueberries and stir through.

2. Heat a non stick frying pan over a medium heat and lightly oil. Pour in the batter and cook your pancakes for 1 to 2 minutes on each side until golden.

3. Finish the pancakes with the blueberry compote.

For the blueberry compote
300g frozen blueberries
30g sugar

 Indulgent chocolate pancake (serves 2)

chocolate pancakes from above

You will need
135g plain flour
28g sugar
5g baking powder
1g salt
180g milk
1 egg
30g melted butter

1. Put all of the pancake ingredients into a bowl and whisk to a smooth batter.

2. Heat a non stick frying pan over a medium heat and lightly oil. Pour in the batter and cook your pancake for around 2 minutes. Top with as much of the topping flavours as you like and finish under the grill

3. Add a scoop of ice cream and a drizzle of chocolate sauce

For the topping
Chocolate brownie pieces
Chocolate sauce
Salted caramel ice cream
Chopped nuts (optional)

Smoked haddock rarebit pancake (serves 2)

Haddock and rarebit pancakes

You will need
135g plain flour
5g baking powder
1g salt
180g milk
1 egg
30g melted butter

1. Put all of the pancake ingredients into a bowl and whisk to a smooth batter.

2. Heat a non stick frying pan over a medium heat and lightly oil. Pour in the batter and cook your pancake for around 2 minutes. Top with as much of the topping flavours as you like and finish under the grill

3. Add a fried egg and cracked black pepper

For the rarebit sauce
50g butter
50g plain flour
1pt milk
135g Iceland vintage cheese
1 teaspoon of Worcestershire sauce
2 tablespoons of ale
1 egg yolk

1. Melt the butter in a sauce pan over a low heat and add the flour stirring until the mixture turns to a paste.

2. add the ale or beer and the Worcestershire sauce, then gradually add the milk stirring to minimise lumps.

3. Simmer for 7 to 8 minutes then take off the heat and add the grated cheese and stir until smooth and cool.

4. Finally add the egg yolk, season to taste and chill until ready to use.

To finish
50g wilted baby spinach
2 poached smoked haddock fillets
2 fried eggs (cracked black pepper)
Chilled Rarebit

Smoked streaky bacon, goats cheese and caramelised onion chutney pancakes (serves 2)

Bacon and cheese pancakes

You will need
100g plain flour
2 whole eggs
30g veg oil
300g milk

For the filling

Cooked Smoked streaky bacon
Soft goats cheese
Caramelised onion chutney

1. Put the flour, eggs, milk and oil into a bowl and whisk to a smooth batter.

2. Heat a non stick frying pan over a medium heat and lightly oil. Pour in the batter and cook your pancakes for 1 minute on each side until golden.

3. Fill the pancakes with as much of the filling as you desire.

All of the ingredients for these recipes can be purchased from Iceland 

This is a sponsored post.
Iceland Logo

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The Digiday Awards 2018

Channel Mum team at Digiday awards
The Channel Mum team had a fabulous start to 2018. On 25th January we attended The Digiday Awards Europe awards evening and were delighted to win two amazing awards for our work with Iceland and we were shocked to also bag the big award of the evening “Content Marketer of the Year”. You can see details below of the awards and a collection of photos from the night.

Channel Mum team at Digiday awards

The Digiday Awards Europe

Best Branded Content Series: Channel Mum and Iceland – “Power of Frozen

The judges said: “Frozen food brand Iceland had a brand-imagery issue: It was perceived as low-quality food with little nutritional value. With the help of parenting platform Channel Mum, Iceland worked with a variety of family influencers to show that Iceland products are both healthy and cost-effective. It has produced over 100 pieces of branded content with Channel Mum, with more to come”.


Digiday Content Marketing Awards Europe

We were delighted to win another award for our work with Iceland:

Best Branded Content Series: Channel Mum & Iceland – #PowerofFrozen

Channel Mum Team at Digiday awards


Finally we took the major award of the evening:

Content Marketer of the Year: Channel Mum

The judges praised Channel Mum for our: “… innovative tactics and place as a leader within the digital industry…”. This award wasn’t one brands could enter, we were nominated and chosen by the judges alongside the likes of The Guardian, Vice, Unilad, The FT, Viacom, Buzzfeed and News UK.

Channel Mum team at Digiday awards

Also a special mention
for the team at Benefit Cosmetics who won brand of the year for their recent work with Channel Mum, the judges said: “In 2017, Benefit Cosmetics distinguished itself from other beauty brands by reaching out to an under-recognised segment: mothers. Collaborating with influencers on the Channel Mum platform, it created the series Wake Up to Makeup, which included makeup tips specifically for busy mothers. See the case study video for the partnership below.


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Work with us! If you’re interested in seeing how we can work our magic on your brand (and bring you closer to mums), please get in touch by contacting our partnerships team on

How To Get Pregnant With A Girl – Channel Mum

Although we don’t like to admit it, many of us do have a secret preference for a particular gender. And you know what? It’s completely natural and nothing to be ashamed about. Here’s SJ with her six top tips:

Maybe you’ve always pictured yourself with a daughter, or perhaps you already have one or more boys and would like to balance it out. There are lots of theories and claims made about gender swaying, and SJ is bringing you her top tips for how to get pregnant with a baby girl in the video above.

More about SJ: She had two sons when she tried out these techniques in the hopes of adding a little girl to her family, and sure enough she fell pregnant with baby Evelina. Was it down to these tricks or was it sheer luck? We’ll never know for sure, but there’s no harm in trying them out! Watch more videos from SJ.

How To Have A Girl?

1) The Timing Or Shettles Method – This involves timing sex so that there is a higher chance of girl sperm (carrying the X chromosome) meeting your egg. Dr. Shettles suggests stopping having sex 2 to 3 days before ovulation.
2) Avoid orgasm – This is because orgasm changes the atmosphere of your cervix and makes it a more hostile environment.
3) Have sex every day – This will increase the volume of girl sperm, but remember to stop having sex at that 2-3 day mark!
4) Do shallow penetration sex positions – Girl sperm are more likely to be able to travel further because of their long life-span.
5) Increase your intake of dairy, calcium and magnesium – girl sperm a meant to thrive more in an acidic environment, so fill up on food that is high in these qualities.
6) Restrict your calories – Try eating between 1,500 and 1,800 calories to increase your chances of having a girl.

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The Channel Mum Podcast

woman listening to headphones

To accompany our video course on Mums Mental Health, we also have this amazing podcast voiced by our Psychologist-In-Residence Emma Kenny (with a special episode by our founder Siobhan Freegard!)

These episodes will walk you step-by-step through relaxation exercises that you can do in bed, just before you’re going to sleep or even throughout the day if you get a spare five minutes. Whatever works best for you.


Episode 1 – PND & Me with Siobhan Freegard

In this first episode Siobhan introduces the Channel Mum You Are Not Alone Mums Mental Health Course and chats about her experience with post natal depression.

Listen to episode 1 here.

Episode 2 – Total Relaxation

This episode is part of the Channel Mum “mums mental health course”. Emma joins us to take you through an audible relaxation experience.

Listen to episode 2 here.

Episode 3 – The Complete Channel Mum Body Scan

This episode is part of the Channel Mum “mums mental health course”. Emma joins us to take you through an amazing complete body scan session.

Listen to episode 3 here.

Episode 4 – The Secret To Mindful Breathing

This episode is part of the Channel Mum “mums mental health course”. Emma joins us to take you through an audible lesson on mindful breathing .

Listen to episode 4 here.


And remember to let us know how you found working through this podcast in our Support Group.

Head back to the Mums Mental Health Video Course.


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Are Housewives Lazy? Things Get Heated | This Morning

What do housewives actually DO all day? This is the question which lead to a heated debate on This Morning when working mum Rebecca asks it of stay at home mum Kerry Whelpdale. Kerry explains that she works just as hard as a working mum does and that she feels there are good and bad things whatever parenting choice you make. Do working mums have to do all the housework and cooking as well as going out to work or do they have it easy because they get a break from the kids?

Take a look at this recent clip from This Morning to see Kerry’s response and watch how things get a bit heated!

What do you think? Do stay at home mums have it easy or are there good and bad things about whatever choice mums have to make? Chat to other mums on the topic in our Support Groups. 

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Maggie Fisher, Channel Mum Health Visitor In Residence

Maggie Fisher sleep specialist

Hello, my name is Maggie Fisher and I am a nurse and health visitor. I have been a health visitor for over 35 years and have a wide variety of specialist interests and experiences both within the NHS and working nationally with other organisations to support parents and train other professionals. I have advanced qualifications in parenting, healthy eating, relationships, coping with stress, infant and child mental health, perinatal mental health working with mums, dads and babies.

I have been a sleep specialist for over 25 years and have set up and ran a sleep support service in Hampshire and a national sleep support forum helping thousands of sleep deprived families. My own three children were poor sleepers and this started my personal and professional interest in understanding sleep and sleep issues. I was determined to share what I learnt and continue to learn to help others. I also run evidenced based training for other professionals so they too can improve sleep for all the family. I have written several books and write in professional journals and other publications.

I love working and connecting with mums, dads, babies and children. I am passionate about helping others and listening to mums so together we can make a difference and help overcome difficulties. Being a parent is the hardest job we do and everyone is different. We all need a place where we can be heard, understood and not judged. ChannelMum provides that caring space for mums to vent, cry, laugh, celebrate, share, be listened to and supported I am delighted to be working here with such a lovely team and community.

Click here if you already spoken to Maggie and she has directed you here to fill in her sleep assessment form.

And click here to download Maggie’s free Sleep Diary to help you assess your child’s sleep.

Maggie Fisher’s Role

At Channel Mum I work in the Support Group on the boards and I am involved in developing content that will help
mums, dads and their families. You can ask me anything about:

  • Sleep
  • Feeding and eating
  • Crying
  • Relationships
  • PND, anxiety, depression and anything to do with mental health
  • Normal and abnormal child development
  • Pregnancy
  • Behaviour and tantrums
  • Toilet training
  • Illness and disease
  • What to do if you are worried about a child
  • Domestic abuse

Basically all the things you would ask your health visitor!

My Experience

Here are some of the organisations I have worked at:




I also worked for Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust (over 30 years) and OnePlusOne (the relationship charity). I also have my own Arbonne business.

And here are the books I have published:


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