An honest Mother’s day

MOTHER’S DAY- it’s the one day of the year us mums get a day off (yes, really!) and celebrate all it means to be a mother.

Hopefully you’ll be spoiled with gorgeous gifts, chocolates and flowers. And top of the list is a nice lie-in, with seven in ten of our Channel Mum vloggers saying this is their number one wish for Sunday!

But as the saying goes, when a child is born so is a mother – so it’s worth reflecting on what the day really means for our families.

Having a baby changes absolutely everything in our lives, and for some women that can be a real struggle. Not everyone copes well and if your own mum found motherhood tough, it can mean Mother’s Day brings up mixed emotions for you.

Almost a third of mums we spoke to in a survey this week said despite having fun with their own children, Mother’s Day can sometimes make them feel sad and even upset about their relationship with their own mum.

Now we know Channel Mum is the honest face of parenting, and you’ve been really honest on this tough subject. Over a quarter of mums we spoke to said they’d had negative issues with their own mother, while more than two thirds had problems with their mother-in-law.

Just three per cent of mums believe motherhood automatically makes you a better person, with half of you saying it be the catalyst but you have to work really hard at it.

And if you’ve lost your mum, Mother’s Day and the fuss surrounding it can bring pain of another sort and make you miss her even more.

So do we have too many expectations that Mother’s Day should be perfect? And if our relationship with our own mum isn’t reflected in the hearts and flowers you’ll see in the shops this weekend, what should you do?

We believe the key is to keep it honest. Mother’s Day can be marvellous and a chance to celebrate the good stuff. But if your relationship with your own mum doesn’t make you feel that way, please don’t worry or get upset.

Remember all lot of what you see in the media and adverts isn’t real life – it’s designed to sell a dream. If what’s going on it your word doesn’t measure up, it’s not your fault.

Instead, celebrate what you have in your own life now, however small it may seem right now. Cherish your own children and do all you can – as we know you are – to make wonderful Mother’s Day memories for them. Being a mum isn’t always easy, but nothing worth doing is. We know you’re all doing the very best you can, and we love and admire you for it.

If you’re having a tough time this weekend, take a few moments to see how Stacey’s feeling, as she’s said it better than we ever can.

With much love from all the team at Channel Mum

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WHAT a month it’s been for births! Louis Tomlinson is the first 1D daddy after his ex Briana Jungwirth gave birth to tot Freddie Reign. Coleen and Wayne Rooney are building their very own footie team after welcoming third son Kit, while McBusted star Harry Judd is the now proud papa to baby Lola with wife Izzy. We also welcomed a new Channel Mum baby this month, congrats to Lauren on the birth of daughter Sienna.

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