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A sleeping babyIf you are struggling with your baby’s sleep you have come to the right place. We have expert help from the Channel Mum resident Health Visitor and sleep expert Maggie Fisher and our team of trained parent helpers plus there are factsheets, information and videos from Channel Mum and other vloggers to guide you:

The Channel Mum sleep guide

How to soothe a crying baby

Controlled Crying



Baby ClinicPlus you can chat about sleep with our expert Maggie and other mums in the Baby Clinic.


Safe sleeping for babies

Your baby’s average sleep needs

Sleep and awake states of your baby

What are your baby’s signs of tiredness?

Your baby’s sleep cycles

The effect food can have on your baby’s sleep

Comforting and soothing your baby to sleep

Sleep aids that might help settle your baby

Swaddling your baby

Bedtime routines

Using the ‘Gradual Retreat’ sleep training method

Using the ‘Controlled Checking’ sleep training method

Using the ‘Kissing Game’ sleep training method

Using the ‘Pick Up, Put Down’ sleep training method

Using the ‘Wake to Sleep’ sleep training method

Breath holding spells whilst sleep training



Meet the Channel Mum Sleep Expert Maggie Fisher and read more about what she does here. 

Find out more about the brand new Channel Mum Sleep Guide in this video with Maggie and Kerry.

How to survive the newborn sleep phase

Sleep regression – baby sleep help 3-6 months with Maggie and Kerry

How To Get Baby To Sleep Through The Night

Watch the Channel Mum video Controlled crying and sleep debate and videos from other vloggers here.

Watch the Channel Mum Co-sleeping debate and co-sleeping videos from other vloggers here.

What should I dress my baby in when it is too hot?

Baby won’t sleep? Here’s some mum’s top tips for what worked for them.

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