Channel Mum Chat


The overall aim of our community is one of support, we want all members of our mum village to feel safe to discuss whatever they want and know they’ll receive friendly, non-judgemental advice.

We know that our village will be made up of all different kinds of mums with different parenting styles and different opinions and beliefs. We don’t judge, we don’t put one method above another, we welcome the differences as simply another way of looking at things and we ask that all our community members follow these simple guidelines:

  • Be respectful – treat other members as you would expect to be treated yourself
  • Have an opinion by all means but be thoughtful and considerate when sharing this
  • Be compassionate, it’s impossible to learn everything about a person from a post so think about what the person may not be saying just as much as what they are.
  • If there is any chance your reply might cause offence then please don’t post it.
  • Don’t share any personal or private details about any one else on our boards.

General Rules

  • Don’t duplicate posts or topics - if your topic is in the wrong place, please ask us to move it for you.
  • Don’t post libellous or defamatory comments – this includes naming and shaming posts.
  • Don’t post ‘I’m selling’ or ‘I’m giving away’ type posts.
  • Don’t share referral links on our boards, or via the PM system.
  • Don’t post appeals for help type posts, such as appeals for money or other items.
  • No sub judice posts – this includes discussing news articles relating to any kind of active UK court case.
  • Don’t post personal attacks.
  • Don’t start any threads specifically about other members.
  • Don’t post new topics discussing existing topics - if you wish to discuss an existing topic, please post in the topic in question.
  • Don’t post messages which are confrontational, rude, threatening, hateful or abusive.
  • If you want to talk to one specific member, send a private message, don’t post a FAO type topic on the boards.
  • Don’t misuse the private messaging system. Private messages should remain private and should not be discussed on the boards, or forwarded to other members.
  • Please don’t use multiple forum accounts.
  • We are happy for people to make friends, but please don’t use our site as a dating site.
  • Don’t post any kind of ‘Not Safe For Work (NSFW)’ type posts on our boards - posts of this kind are not allowed and will be removed.
  • Think before you post! We may remove posts or pictures we consider to be inappropriate or unsuitable for our boards, disruptive, offensive, sexually explicit or generally rulebreaking.
  • Please consider the feelings of other members – please use the ‘hide details’ option if posting any TMI (too much information) posts, or posting other content which could be upsetting to other members. We reserve the right to use the ‘hide details’ option on any posts which are considered TMI (such as photos of bodily fluids), or which aren’t against the rules, but could be upsetting or distressing to other people.
  • The Channel Mum forum is primarily a support forum, so please bear this in mind when posting. If a topic has been posted for support and advice, then please try to offer this, in your replies to the poster. Unsupportive or unconstructive posts may be removed at the discretion of the forum team.


Please be aware that using a username which could identify you may mean your posts are seen by someone you know in real life, so please let us know if you want us to change your username for you.

Please don’t register usernames which promote things or which are company names or web addresses. We reserve the right to change usernames which are considered to be rule breaking, inappropriate or offensive.

Tagging People

Please use the username tagging system responsibly. Members should not use the username tagging to single out or wind up other members, or to encourage them to get involved in personal feuds or arguments.

Anonymous Posting

We have an anonymous posting system for members who need advice on personal or sensitive real-life problems.

  • Anonymous posting can be switched on and off in your profile settings. Click your profile pic, top right of the screen, select the person tab and click ‘Post Anonymously’. Repeat to post as yourself again
  • If someone is posting using our Anon system, please respect their privacy, no attempts to guess who they might be.
  • Please don’t misuse the anon system – the anonymous id option should only be used by members who need advice on real-life problems, or who wish to help other members by offering constructive advice or support to other members who have posted for advice.
  • Please don’t use your anon id to break the rules – don’t use it to post unsupportive, argumentative, offensive or inflammatory comments, or to post personal attacks of any kind.
  • Remember, the administrators can link anonymous users to their associated user profile, and we may issue a warning to or place a ban on any anonymous IDs which are considered to be posting in a way which breaches our rules.


  • No trolling – this includes posting inflammatory messages as a ‘wind-up’, and using dual or multiple accounts.
  • Don’t speculate or accuse other members of being trolls – if you think someone is trolling, report them, please don’t post about it on the boards.


Our boards are publicly viewable, so please be careful when sharing information, as we can’t guarantee that someone you know in real life isn’t also a member. It is always safer to not disclose any identifying information such as where you live, your children’s names etc. We also caution you to think carefully when sharing photographs of your children.


We have a duty of care to all members of our community and their families and we do not usually share your details unless you have specifically given us consent to do so. However we have a statutory duty to seek help for a member or a child if they disclose they are in danger or we believe them to be in danger of harm from another or to either themselves or someone else. In these circumstances we then may share details of that person with the relevant authorities to protect them. This is never done lightly and only in response to a red flag raised by our Community Team under guidance from our Designated Lead for Safeguarding who has received Data Protection Training.

Fundraising Posts

We don’t currently have the resources to verify charity requests and so must have a ban on all fundraising posts. If you would like to discuss this in more detail please contact a moderator.

Self Promotion

There are many places on the internet where you can advertise but here isn’t one of them. We don’t mind people sharing the odd link if it really does add something to the discussion but please don’t be offended if we don’t agree with you and remove the link without notice.

  • Please do not promote your own company or blogs or vlogs on our community.
  • Members are welcome to post for general feedback, tips or advice on things like blogs, vlogs or working from home, but please don’t promote.
  • Please don’t promote or recruit to other websites, forums or other social networking groups.
  • Please don’t promote in your profile.
  • Please read The Work & Childcare forum rules before posting in our Work & Childcare forum.

Posting in a Professional Capacity

We welcome members with professional knowledge sharing information and support in our group. If you do have qualified support to offer then please contact a Community Manager before your first post for approval.

Please send us details of your qualifications and we will confirm whether you are approved to post in a professional capacity or whether you should be posting as peer support (mum-to-mum).

If you are approved to post as a professional, we ask that you make your qualifications clear in your message and give support not advice. This is due to us not currently having resources to approve every post professionals make – we would hate for anything unforeseen to happen as a result. As a courtesy, you are welcome to sign off your post with your company name, but please do not add links or tout for business in any way. Not following this last point may result in expulsion from the group.

Medical Advice

We’d like to remind you that support given by other members or our own parent helpers does not constitute expert advice and as such we would always recommend if you have serious concerns to contact your GP, call 111 or seek medical advice in any way that seems appropriate in the given situation.

Channel Mum Community Team

The Channel Mum Team moderate the forum regularly and are on hand to offer advice and support when needed. They will also signpost you to other organisations if they think it will benefit you.
You can contact the team directly on

Reporting Posts to the Forum Team

The Channel Mum forum is not pre-moderated and our team are not able to read everything that is posted on the boards, therefore we rely on our members to report things that may break the rules.

You can use the flag icon on posts to report it to our team. Please note, the team are not online 24 hours a day and it is not always possible for them to deal with reported posts instantly, especially as some posts may need team discussion before a decision is made.

Before reporting something - remember just because you consider a post to be offensive or inappropriate, it does not mean that it is against the rules.

If your post is reported - remember whilst you may not find something inappropriate or offensive, other members may not share your opinion.

If your post is automatically hidden by our community flagging system
Our system uses an advanced flagging system which may sometimes hide posts automatically - if your post is automatically hidden by our system, you may then receive an automated private message telling you that your post has been hidden due to community flagging.

  • If your post has been hidden, you may be able to edit it to remove any objectionable content – editing your post should unhide it and restore it to the boards. If the same post then continues to cause offence and is flagged up again, it may be re-hidden by our system.
  • If you do not edit your reported post, your post will stay hidden until it can be reviewed by the forum team.

Posts which break the rules
If a message is considered to break our rules, it will either be edited or removed from our boards and the poster may be contacted by our team.

Edited posts
Posts on our boards may be edited for various reasons, so if your post is showing as edited and you aren’t sure why, please post your question in the Helpdesk board and ask a moderator to contact you.

Discussing reported posts
Please don’t post messages publicly discussing reported posts or complaints. If you wish to discuss a reported post, please post in the Helpdesk board and ask a moderator to contact you.

Warnings and Suspensions

Any member who persists in breaking the forum rules may receive an official warning and/or a temporary or permanent suspension from our forum boards.
The forum team reserves the right to ban any member at any time without prior discussion. If you are banned from our boards, please don’t make new accounts – these will also be banned.

Forum Administration

You must be 16 years or older in order to use our forum boards.

The forum team may rename, remove, edit, move or close any topic (or posts within that topic) at any time should they see fit, without discussion.

If a topic has been moved, edited, locked or deleted, please don’t post new messages discussing that topic, its contents or the reason it may have been edited, locked or deleted. Please don’t repost topics which have been removed, or post new variations of the removed topic. Any new posts of this kind will also be removed.

Please don’t tag members of staff into topics where they are not participating - if you wish to bring our attention to something which is urgent or which may break the rules, then please report it. We reserve the right to edit or remove posts which tag staff members in for other reasons.

The administrators do not monitor personal messages, however they may access the personal messages of any member, if they feel it necessary to do so.

We appreciate that individuals may have varying opinions on the vlogs and blogs we feature on our site, however whilst we are happy for members to discuss these on our boards, we do not allow personal attacks on our parenting influencers, or comments which come across as being offensive, bullying or trolling.

We have a zero tolerance to personal attacks, trolls and spam and reserve the right to delete any post that we feel contravenes these guidelines and may block anyone found to be deliberately provocative.

Please treat the forum team with respect. Moderators will not get involved in a public discussion or disagreement over any moderating decisions which have been made.

Posts publicly commenting on forum team decisions are not allowed in the general boards so if you wish to discuss something with our team, please post in the Helpdesk forum. Any topics of this type must be respectful and not disruptive to the boards. We reserve the right to lock, move or remove any topics of this kind, or to reply to any queries or complaints by private message.

Channel Mum does not endorse opinions expressed by members on our forums. Channel Mum accepts no liability in respect to the accuracy or truthfulness of any advice or information posted on its forum boards, or any responsibility for the consequences of a member acting on such information.