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10 week old snacking on milk

Hi I have a 10 week old baby who won’t take a full bottle will take few oz here and there which is becoming a problem with two other kids and days out as I never know how much to take ect have tried holding him out but when when doing so won’t take more than 4 oz or will be sick. He was sleeping 10 until 5 but now started waking at 3 again for bottle any tips

Hi @anonymous6077

He may well be going through a developmental stage - I expect you have heard of the the “Wonder Weeks” see the link below

As long as he is well, happy, gaining weight and having plenty of wet and dirty nappies I would not be too concerned. It would be an idea to haver his weight checked and speak to your HV about this.

What is his weight? How may bouncers does he take in 24 hours? It sounds like he cannot take much milk as his tummy gets overfill - babies are very good at taking what they need. As long as his mouth is clear and there is no sign of oral thrush which can affect feeding see the link below

Check the teat size and flow as they grow they need larger size teats. They do often about this age have a bit of sleep regression and this is normal see the link below

It is annoying when he has been sleeping through but he is still little and may need a night feed if he is taking less in the day. We can’t force them to take more than they want to drink. I hope it settles down for you soon.

The Channelmum HV