5 month old sleep


I am looking for some advice my LG is 5 months old and up until last week has been a great sleeper, she was sleeping from 8/9 at night to 8 in the morning. The last week she has been very unsettled during the night I know it could just be a phase she is going through but just wondering what kind of routine should I have her in during the day?


Hi Shannen,

I’m Lorraine one of the trained parent helpers here in the Channel Mum Groups. Your little one has done so well to sleep so well for so long. Alot pf parents would give anything for five months with a good sleeper. I can totally imagine how much of a shock it’s been to suddenly have her not sleep this past week.

Your routine I’d say may not be the issue as she’s been so good with sleep all this time. They do have alot of developmental changes ongoing around 5 months so this is perhaps a developmental leap. Which means it’d shoud’nt be long lasting and will soon be out of it and back to her usual self.


Could she be teething? It can cause babies to become unsettled, cause pain, and grizzliness in babies. Often it means routine can go out of the window. So you might have to try and reintroduce a solid routine again.

She may also be feeling under the weather?

What is your routine at the moment and I’ll try and see if there anything helpful we can add in x